It seems the whites have moved out of all the major cities e.g. new york, chicago, los angeles, sandiego, philadelphia, detroit,a nd many. in fact, of usa 100 largest countries, the NON HISPANIC WHITE POPULATION IS ONLY 48% even though they are 66% of us population.

why is biggesrt cause that are driving whites out of all the major cities to smaller, more suburban, and slower towns. WILL THEY EVER COME BACK TO BIG CITIES OR WILL MINORTITIES PRCENT in the big cities become larger an dlarger.

will the major cities keep losing more and more whites and seeing more white flight

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    To get away from the increase in crime and violence due to the large minorities population.

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    because people who arent white usually do like to go far away from the city not sure why

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    Good, I hope the same thing happens in Australia, inbreeding sucks, we need to be all coffee skinned!

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    Honorable Elijah Muhammad through Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teach us

    as far back as the man goes Trillions and Eons of Time, the Woman was there. About the woman's origin, " taught us that when God was fashioning Himself out of darkness or the dark womb of space, he proclaimed this production to the second part of Himself as the female aspect of his own creation. She is referred to as co-creator and co-producer in his own self-creation. Thus, she is called the twin of Himself. So as he looked at His creation, he honored the entire universe after her.

    Black is not Nationalist or Race" Black is Universal and Essence Which All colors come from !

    Scriptures say God is Lord of The Heavens, or Universe- Then God is Universal. The theme that we all are one is picked up in the 112th chapter of the Holy Qur'an. It says: “Say: He, Allah, is One.” Whence came the division since Allah (God) is one and He is The Source of all creation, and this creation that we were birthed into is called universe—“uni” meaning one; “verse” meaning truth. It's based on One Great Truth. (God) is The Author of all diversity. He created diversity. He didn't want us all to look the same. He didn't want us all to be the same, but there was a common thread that He put in all so that all, one day, could become one even as He is one. I would like to quote a few scriptures from the Qur'an and the Bible to talk about this oneness

    What is the root of the tribes? What is the root of the families? What is the root of the nations? The root goes back to One, so don't get carried away with your differences, because God created us in tribes and families that we may know one another. (God) did this. How dare us take our differences that (God) created to exalt ourselves one above the other? How dare us take our differences in biology to exalt one above the other? When we understand God's purpose in creating us with this diversity, then out of that diversity can come The Divine Unity. In our universe there is a sun with her family of nine planets. The scientists are beginning to say that there is life out there in other spheres. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us for years that all of the planets in this circle have life on them ,Civilizations and in Vast Universe.

    The sun is the god of these nine planets. All of these planets depend on the light of the sun to create motion and to bring life out of the water that is on each of these planets. The beautiful thing about these planets is that all of them have different colors and all of them have different water. All of them have a different atmosphere, but the source of their life is from one sun that gives them life, light and energy, causing each planet to spin and to be attracted into an independent orbit so that no planet will collide with the other. They are different, but they are one. They are different, but they are a part of one universe. They are different, but they function from one law.

    Christ is the source of life for all human beings. Christ, as taught in the scriptures, is the hope of the world because Christ says, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you will never be in darkness.” That's powerful. Well, if he is The Light, then like the sun pulls planets of different colors into their spheres, and orbit, Christ pulls people of different tribes and nations and colors and the sexes and races and nationalities and makes them one. But they must be in him (Christ) in order to be alive.

    The scripture teaches “God is love.” That's a big statement. Love is not this mushy stuff. You can't say God is love, and think love in that context is some emotional thing. Love, then, is not an emotion. It is deeper than that. It's the embodiment of principles that bring joy and peace to human beings: Freedom, justice, equality, obedience to The Will of God. God is the embodiment of all righteous principles, and when you love, you demonstrate those righteous principles. Whom God loves, He chastens much. Oh? So loving has something to do with chastening when it is necessary.

    When I was conceived in the womb, my mother didn't even know it, but (God) knew it and He was there. When I was alone in the womb as a clot forming, He was there and as I took form in that darkness—no eyes to see, no ears to hear, swimming like a fish in a bag of water—God was there.

    There cannot be a new world except that there is a new and better understanding of the female, which will give us (men) a clearer understanding of self and above all, a clearer understanding of (God). In the Bible, (God) declares, “Behold I make all things new.Since, the womb of our mother is sacred, then, this teaches us that the womb of every female is also sacred, for it is from her womb that all the Scientists, Prophets, Sages, Messengers, Kings, Rulers and Gods have come and will come.

    Source(s): BOOK call "Closing The Gap " By Elijah Muhammad through Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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