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How would you fix the United States economy?

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    Bring all troops in foreign lands with which we are peace with; Cancel mutual defense and nuclear shield agreements with all countries except Israel. (The message: we are not interested in occupying your country, providing for your security or propping up your corrupt regimes. We are not interested in nation building, expanding democracy or wiping your butts. From now on, mess with us and we will kill you and leave.)


    Prohibit all US corporations from exporting jobs; Prohibit any US corporation that “off shores” the corporation to avoid US regulation and taxes from doing business in the US or removing corporate assets from the country; Corporations located outside the US to avoid US taxes will be required to pay a “business privilege tax” based on the revenue they generate from US sales or services. Re-organize how US corporations are run, requiring codetermination for all US companies with 500 or more employees or contractors and stock holder approval of all executive compensation for all publicly held companies; Prohibit compensation and benefits to executives not also available to employees. (Insurance, retirement plans, contributory benefits); Never allow financial institutions to become too “big” to fail. Abolish corporate personhood. Firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights. Fine and imprison those that hire illegal labor.


    Expand the earned income tax credit. Provide Corporate incentives for job creation.


    Raise the Reserve Requirement on Banks immediately. Reinstate the Uptick Rule for Short Selling! Better yet outlaw short selling all together. The Federal Reserve is not the fourth branch of government. Bring the Federal Reserve back to the reservation and make the executive and congress reign in its unregulated control. Disclose Federal Reserve meeting transcripts, data and voting records. Audit the Fed.


    Deport all illegal immigrants and secure the borders; Reject birth right citizenship by foreign born parents; Mandate fines and prison time for employers, groups or individuals that hire illegals or attempt to conceal or harbor them; Hold Mexico accountable, for each illegal apprehended in the US reduce any US aid to Mexico by $10,000; Remittances to Mexico by wire or bank transfer will be taxed at the point of sale at the marginal federal tax rate or withholding; Stop all Mexican Visas and over stays.


    Allow choice in education allowing competition through vouchers; Provide tax incentives for individuals and corporations that pay for college or technical education and training to prospective or current workers.


    Require that all entitlement programs be fully funded except in time of “declared” war or national emergency. Cut spending and cap expenditures. Ban earmarks.


    Reduce our dependence on foreign oil and set measurable goals to energy independence. Delete the Dept. of Energy


    All laws apply equally to congress.

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  • 20/20
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    9 years ago

    Let's take in $10 a month

    You spend $12 a month

    You keep that formula for 12 months

    Your debt is $2 per month

    Your deficit after 1 year is $24

    If your a conservative, you would cut $3 out of your monthly spending

    and your deficit would be gone in 8 months

    If yopur a liberal, you increase your spending by $2 per month causing your debt and deficit to double, then raise taxes and federal fees every way imaginable so you can keep spending at the higher level.....deficit reduction no where in sight.

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  • 9 years ago

    End Unionization which causes inflation and employees that aren't worth a crap

    Lower Taxes which promotes jobs

    Congress term limits

    Stop Lobbying

    Stop nepatism in government

    stop the no bid contracts

    Strict adherence to the Constitution

    Stop trial lawyers from running companies out of business

    Bring back the House on Un American Activities because our colleges and professors, government and media all have communists in them (especially the unions)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Bring on new Excise taxes to levels that would not be attractive to US companies to

    want to make goods outside of this country. Make them return to this country and make

    the products, then help them to compete in the new global markets.

    2. Tarriff the hell out of all goods and products brought into this country from China.

    Make them no longer attractive to see into the US markets. This would drop China

    on its knees as we speak,

    3. Dump any and all ecomomic advisors Obama has left. Including throwing Turbo Timmy

    out on his Butt.

    Make some Major changes in Federal Spending, and Taxing.

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  • 9 years ago

    Flog 'Washington'

    For each (Mis)Representative, one lash for each member of the US Senate

    For each Senator, one lash for each "Member" of the US House of Representatives

    For each Member of the Executive Branch (President, Secretaries, "Czars") one lash for each "Member" of the US Congress

    For the Top Two Tiers of the Federal Judiciary, one lash for each "Member" of the US Congress

    And use Good American Hickory Too, Seasoned 1/2 inch diameter by 60 inch length.

    Source(s): Since they Won't appreciate the value of the US Constitution, Teach 'em Good !
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  • Matt C
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Flatten the federal tax brackets and let the government spend itself bankrupt. Lets face it, we're beyond the turnaround point. The sooner the **** hits the fan, the better.

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  • Rising
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    get rid of the monetary system-the reason for so much anxiety, violence, corruption, depression is because of a piece of paper/money-lets start fresh-I think we have the capacity to figure out something where we can all live in peace-trust me there are billions of people around the world who are tired of violence and the word is spreading quickly.

    Stop the wars and lets try to live in peace.

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  • 9 years ago

    quit sending so much money to foreign countries

    sorry for Haiti, but, each country needs to fend for themselves

    like we had to

    when 9/11 happened

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    heres how i would solve the employment problem:

    Well, i live in NJ, where gas attendents pump your gas for you. Imagine if we did this in every state? Then we'd have a whole bunch more jobs cuz we'd have people working at every gas station in america!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    put a $100,000 bounty on every progressive,marxist,socialist and radical bail out program to revive the economy.

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