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Can i report my dad for saying untrue and hurtful things about me?

me and my brother were in mcdonalds and we threw ketchup around and some of it hit my mom. shes really allergic and she had to go to the hospital and then she died. we were at her funeral and we threw around holy water and some went on our aunts hat and my dad had to pay for a replacement.

He called us both babies and said he'd make us wear diapers and sit in a highchair. im 22, im too old for diapers and sitting in highchairs and my brothers 3 years younger.

I can report him right? even just to scare him? he cant say that to me can he? i think he was just annoyed because we were having a good time. it must be an old man thing.


he also said i should wear a pamper he started it not me

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    The fact that you've progressed from embarrassing your mother by throwing ketchup on strangers to upsetting your father by killing your mother is somewhat impressive. But what would be really impressive is if you managed to massacre an entire village. Because all the really cool kids massacre villages, everyone else is simply amateur.

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    Oh, you switched it up, I see. Now it's your dad instead of your mom. Are you the one they call Ketchup Ed?

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    you killed your mother and your laughing and throwing holy water at her funeral. im sorrry you dad is right you were acting like a child. you both need to grow up.

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    Damn... you're still here? I would have thought your mental institution would have you committed to chains by now.

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