Where can I get free passes to Disneyland if I'm out of state?

Coming to Cali in November and I hear local Californians talk about their 'passes'..but no one tells me where they get them-

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    An “Annual Pass” is a pass that can be used for entrance to Disneyland and California Adventure for one year. There are different types of Annual Passes though.

    Deluxe Pass purchased for $329 allows you access for 315 days. Some days are blocked out, like Saturdays and Sundays in the summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Basically they don’t want you showing up on their high capacity days. Unlimited parking can be added for $79.

    Premium Pass purchased for $459 allows you access for all 365 days and you get free parking.

    Both these passes are a deal if you are planning on going to Disneyland more than once a year. Keep in mind that a 6-Day pass costs $219. If you decide sometime during your visit that you want to upgrade your pass, just take your ticket and parking slip to the Season Pass center at the end of Main Street on your left (after entering the park). They will credit the amount listed on your ticket toward the cost of the season pass. They will also credit the $14 for the day parking toward the $79 parking pass on your season pass. They take your photo and your pass will look kind of like a drivers license.

    If you will not be returning to California again in the next year then you will be purchasing a “Hopper Pass”. This pass is good for entrance to Disneyland and California Adventure. Each pass has it’s own amount of days ranging from 1 to 6. You can get discounted passes at places like a credit union or AAA. If you get it at the gate the cost will be as follows:

    1-Day Pass (good for either Disneyland or Ca Adv, but not both) $76

    1-Day Hopper $101

    2-Day Hopper $161

    3-Day Hopper $186

    4-Day Hopper $201

    5-Day Hopper $211

    6-Day Hopper $216

    There are no free tickets to Disneyland anymore this year. At the start of the year they were promoting “Give a day, get a day.” This was were you sign up to volunteer somewhere and earn a free day pass. They offered it to the first 1 million people who signed up. All the open spaces were filled in 2 weeks.

    I hope this helps.

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    The Californians purchase their passes. Passes are not free. You can purchase them at the front gate or at the Disneyland website.

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