what is the formula to calculate my unemployment benefits for the state of Maryland?

if there is no formula, what percentage of my wages do i get? i hope im asking this right.

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    <How are benefits calculated?>

    Regardless of which state you live in, you'll receive a weekly unemployment benefit based on how long you were employed and your prior wages. The state will calculate your average weekly wage, and you will receive a percentage of that wage based on your state's formula. You can figure out your average weekly wage by adding up 12 months' worth of pay stubs and dividing that number by 52. If you were salaried, just divide your annual salary by 52.

    Length will vary depends on your situation. Usually it last up to 26 weeks..

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    it depends on what state you're in, also. here in Florida, it's based on the average gross salary over the last 6 (not positive about that) quarters. it's half of that amount up to a maximum of $275/wk. not very much considering what you were making before. I'm sure your state has a website showing its formula for determining benefits. also check with your union. they may have benefits you're entitled to. good luck!

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