Tim Burton Films, how can we tell it's a Burton film?

What sort of stuff do you associate with Tim Burotn's films? I need to know how audience's can tell that a film has been directed by Mr Burton.

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    Often, Tim Burton will use the same actors. The most well known are Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but he has used Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall and Deep Roy more than once. The music is often done by Danny Elfman (and for good reason, he's wonderful). Also, his films have all been fantasy films. They have bright colours when colours are called for, and when it suits the mood, he uses a lot of dark blue and black. His animation is much the same as it is in most of his fimls: there's a lot of detail in features. Although, I can't say he's actually directed anything animated, he produced 3 or 4, and Nightmare Before Christmas was his brain child. Most people say he majors in the sick, twisted and creepy, but that's not always the case. Sure, he brings a creepy quality to his films, but they're not all dark. He also has a thing for dark circles around the eyes. Helena Bonham Carter said on the Sweeney Todd special feature that it was probably because he's an insomniac. Another thing I've noticed is that Tim Burton doesn't use your typically 'attractive' actors and actresses. They're all a little funny looking. I do not believe this is something he intends, but he does use quirky actors. I like that. That's all I can think of right now, hope I helped.

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    His movies are usually dark and creepy and they all star Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter. Also he does a lot of dark animated movies like Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas. He has a unique style so it's pretty easy to tell when a movie is being directed by Tim Burton.

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    Tim Burton's films are always displayed as fiary tales with a dark atmosphere to them. Also, it's very likely to be a Burton film if Helena Bonham Carter and/or Johnny Depp are in it, and if the soundtrack is made by Danny Elfman.

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    ED wood The action picture is as eccentric because it is difficulty. Burton captured the ambience completely. The appearing from precise to backside is staggering - from Johnny Depp as wood to bill Murray as Bunny and each individual in between...exceptionally Oscar prevailing helping actor Martin Landeau. on the turn area, my least favourite Tim Burton action picture substitute into his remake of "Planet of the Apes" - an pointless attempt to reinvent the wheel with between the lamest endings in action picture historic previous.

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    Tom burtons has a very unique style when it comes to movies,he's really dark and mysterious so as his films

    Johnny depp star almost in 50% from his movies,also in his movies you can see very Evil things but made in a nice way such as "Sleepy Hollow and Sweeny Toad"

    also you can see some of his movies with wierd beautiful stories such as "Ed Wood, Big Fish and Corpse Bride"

    he also really inspired by halloween

    my all time favorite movie by him is "Corpse Bride" which is one of the greatest cartoons i have ever seen and have it my Collection :)

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    If it stars Johnny Depp then it's a Tim Burton film

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    Most of his films star Johnny Depp

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    its usually both very dark and also harsh with colour

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    scary stuff.

    such as the corpse's bride and his new animation one on sky movies.

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    if its eccentrically effed and has a guy with really pale complexion (ed scissorhands, sweeney todd)

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