can non-vegetarian be called environmentalists?

People always say car for animals care for life and trees, nature etc.

is it true that this people should not eat non-veg.

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    9 years ago
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    I am an omnivore and I am an environmentalist. Vegetarians and vegans are living an unnatural lifestyle. Humans have naturally evolved to become omnivores. Animal proteins and fat, are necessary for human growth and our gut is no longer capable of digesting a vegetarian diet, the now redundant appendix, is proof of this. I care very much for animals and their welfare but, it does not prevent me from eating meat. I am also a conservationist.

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    Can you answer me this question ? How many Chickens ,how many goats , how many Pigs and how many cows will be born every year if people stop killing them for the sake of eating ? If people chop off one leg of a Pig for its food, it is cruelty but other-wise simple killing is not harmful.

    In such a situation, we will find chickens and goats in our Buses and Public Transports and flooding the roads and {arks and Grassland.

    This too is good means of maintaining the Animal Balance.

    Now, talking about Environmentalists, one can be an Environmentalist even if he/she is a Non-vegetarian. It is the deeds and actions of a man, in saving, protecting and preserving the environment which makes him/her being described as an Environmentalist. Killing a Goat does not affect the Environment or contribute to Climate Change.

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    9 years ago

    Yes obviously, eating non-veg/animals is "natural", yes it is totally how it is to be in nature; it is right.

    But, technology progress and growing human population is causing excess of animal slaughter(You see "butchering or buying from a butcher is really a thing of the past.").

    Therefore, it is okay to somewhat criticize saying that eating non-veg is bad for environment, a little of the excess overkill of animals(they are not so much in number as humans) can be controlled, if a few people are convinced it is wrong (the reason being whatever), balance in natural animal population can be maintained.

    So what really is the thing that: people SHoULD eat non-veg, but in control, as human population increases; care should be taken of animals slaughtered; governments could regulate number of animal slaughtering in their governing territories.

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    9 years ago

    Vegetarians are not following human behaviour patterns, Humans are naturally omnivorous, so the suggestion is absurd.

    Vegetarians go against nature so the question would naturally be the opposite way around.

    Can Vegetarians be environmentalists, well no. If one is trying to be as natural as possible, rabbit is a good place to start, skinning them yourself locally caught is good practice.

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  • 9 years ago

    The structure of the world is based on noshing each other.

    I am happy to hear all the arguments but the one I like to shoot down is that of cows letting off methane gas by eating vegetables so trying to encourage all of us to minimise cows and eat vegetables instead - In other words we should all do our own farting!

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    9 years ago

    no.firstly...... what do you mean by non-veg?.......non-veg means any food form animal origin including milk etc.this is a fact........"if any one wants to be alive he has to kill other" in order to obtain something to eat....

    when we eat vegetables or leafy vegetables, for example coriander, spinach, etc. we take them out from soil naturally after some seconds they this is common thing.

    when we suffer from any disease..... there are micro-organisms in our body which harm us as they live in such process which will keep them we don't take medicines which kill them.......................................................................................................................................

    we eat egg.......some people think that this egg is of hen.....and its somewhere wrong to eat eggs, then they should not eat grains also

    so there are many such examples which proves that people can eat non-veg(food from animal origin)

    think over my answer and i hope this will help you......

  • 9 years ago

    yes we are all part of the food chain. We all feed on each other.

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