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What would you consider a vintage pedal Boat?

Cops say If I dont compinsate this guy for his "VINTAGE PEDAL BOAT" they will charge me with theft.

the boat was in front of a body shop waiting to get painted,( painter owes me $8200) I thought it was his.

Any pics or links to this " vintage pedal and costs"



No basing is needed I am asking a simple question, the cops all ready said they can do jack on an legal issue it would all be civil court.. The guy had no paperwork no make model, he most likely stole it himself, he is saying its vintage and worth thousands, but I cant find any history on paddle pedal boat, looked to be a 80's rental boat, I see them on ebay for around 350 but on craigslist anywere from 50 -350 for them all day long....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Return his pedal boat with the explanation that you thought it was abandoned. Or put a lien on his pedal boat for non payment of what he owes you and then you will be off the hook. Why would you want to take it any way? Is it wood or fiberglass. Costco sells these boats for $300 in he Springtime. Contact Costco and get a sales ad to submit to the cops to show the actual value of this piece of junk.

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