zombie story ideas, please?

so im writing a Zombie story , probably a series. i got most of the major details down but i just need a few others and i was wondering if you guys could give some suggestions or influence. i need a company name, a pill name and maybe more ideas if you want to add em


also im having problems with the title...like im not trying to steal from people but just want some ideas to get me started. .. thanks :)

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    Something really innocent for the drug or company name would be good. Like the big drug company in Indianapolis Eli Lilly. A company could be good that has a country's name in it too like Holland pharmaceuticals. Daisy drugs? Chrysanthemum? Sani-health and healing.

    The drug should sound like a drug that already exists but has a slight difference in spelling or pronunciation. So maybe naprin, dexeril or zallium.

    A good horror story has moments of comedy or normalcy which makes the horror pop in contrast.

    The characters have to be interesting in some way so that you care if they live, die or escape.

    Apparently no one cares if the slutty cheerleader or bully football guy dies because everyone secretly hates them anyway.

    An interesting idea for a zombie story would be someone with a dread disease that causes them to have to eat live human flesh so they don't zombiefy. They start to rot if they don't eat. Imaging having to eat human flesh and not be a crazy person or a brainless zombie. Kind of sympathetic magic or you are what you eat meets Dorian Gray.

    Source(s): Horror lover of books, anime and movies.
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