What can ethically be done to clean society up?

I mean there is a good portion of the human population that just can't get the basic laws and rules of society in there heads. Lets take drug addicts as an example. It doesn't seem like current schooling of what the drug is or what its effects are have any effect at all on future users. They just seem to simply block out what we teach them and go about doing whatever they want. And sadly they pass this ignorance down to there children and usually there children become drug addicts to. I realize people can come out of even the worst environment and become in the end good people but that's more of the exception then the norm. Overall a quarter of the population is just plain stupid. Is there anything we can do about this besides the unethical mass genocide.

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    1 decade ago
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    No, there's not an answer to this question. Humans are never going to be anywhere near perfect. There are always going to be problems in society and you are always going to get troubled people who nobody or nothing can reach.

    My boyfriend's Brother is a very troubled man who has been to prison several times and no one can shake any sense into the guy. He takes heroine and has even randomly attacked me. No one knows what to do with him and he has pushed me and my boyfriend into another town. His Mother is breaking down and his Father is never home anymore.

    My Mother is an alcoholic who lives in squalid conditions and I have totally given up on her. It's like talking to a brick wall and giving it advice.

    All the tyrants that have killed millions, could good education have saved them?

    I could go on...

  • Eric H
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    1 decade ago

    Effective and honest education would be a good start.

    Let the schools teach sex, manners and street-proofing. Not just the facts, but the why of the facts as well.

    The kids want to learn, but we're not giving them a chance to.

  • 1 decade ago

    America needs to confess and repent of their sins and follow after Jesus Christ.

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