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Would you ever consider dating anyone who was diagnosed on autism spectrum?

Like on low end (as in mild autism).

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    Yes, it doesn't make them less human. If you both are capable of being in a stable relationship together, why not. That's like if I asked "Would you date a blind person" I don't see why not. So what, they can't see, you can have the joys of explaining wonderful things to them they can't see. No one is less of a human because of those things they can't help. There are many well functioning humans in this world you see on a daily basis that probably have some type of diagnosis that you wouldn't notice on the outside.

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    I think they are lovely people with special qualities and gifts ... But need alot of understanding and encouragement

    I think it would be a sweet , simple relationship - Has to be uncomplicated

    There has to be alot of UNDERSTANDING

    My grandson has mild autism and am hoping he will still be happy in a relationship when he grows up - Just can't expect him to function the same as someone without autism but he is still lovely with loads of qualities - But then I AM biased ;-)

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    No simply by fact my youthful brother has have been given a intense case of autism and understand in basic terms how no longer straightforward paintings they are able to be and would possibly no longer have the means to offer what i want out of a guy, emotionally and mentally simply by fact it somewhat is amazingly a huge component for me. and exceptionally if i finished up marrying the guy and alter into with him for some years, i do no longer think of i ought to handle looking after my brother and have a guy that has it besides, a heck load of thankless paintings.

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