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Blu-ray player or upscaling DVD player for DVDs with 1080p HDTV?

Are there any differences in image quality between an upscaling Blu-ray player and an upscaling DVD player when DVDs are viewed on a 1080p HDTV?

I'm mainly pondering if I should grab Panasonic DVD-HTIB SC-PT480, or Panasonic Blu-ray-HTIB SC-BT230. The price difference here is about $200 ($250 vs. $450). I know there are other considerations, such as possible price parity of movie releases on both systems in the future, which would make buying Blu-ray movies more attractive option, but for the purposes of this question, I'm mainly interested if the results are identical on DVD upscaling.

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    No - the results are NOT the same.

    Look - The video on a DVD was frozen in 1948 when the TV was imagined as a nine-inch tube in black and white. We have been stuck with this video for 70 years while nearly everything else around it went through generations of advancements.

    Up-converting needs to do 3 different things to the video. Most up-converting DVD players cheap out and do one or two and poorly. (The Oppo DVD players are the exception) But in no-way-shape-or-form can it put information into the picture that is not already there.

    Your TV already up-converts things. To see the effect, try this:

    * Watch a major show tonight on an HD channel.

    * Mid way through the show, switch to the standard-def version of the channel

    The standard-def channel will already be up-converted by the TV. How good does it look?

    (Hint: get the BluRay player. Unlike many of it's brethren, it has 2 spare optical inputs to let you hook other things up to it.)

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    You should buy a Blu-ray one.

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