What is the race that most Americans hate white north after Mexican migrants?

I've seen in videos that race most hated by the white American is the Mexican illegal immigrant, and that the basic melt is race. But I'm curious about the fact that they also hate the Chinese migrants, and others, but better I ask the American white people, what are the 10 breeds more hate in the world and why? (You know the top ten).

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  • 9 years ago
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    As you can see, there are many mixed answers. I think "the person - "The Violater" comes closest. Throughout our history, as immigrants from other countries came enmasse to the USA, they were seen as forigners, and taking jobs away from "real" Americans. And as each wave came the bigots whipped up hate against the new comers. The Chinese came to help build the transcontinental railroad, then during a slump in Europe's economy and the potato famine in Ireland brought the Irish, Jews, Swedish, Norwegians, Italians, Germans, and Brits. These were all processed legally into the US, but they were still hated and treated poorly. World War II caused a lot of racist sentiment for the Japanese, as in the US they were all rounded up and put into interment camps however, even though we were fighting the Italians and Germans, none of those citizens were locked up, but were still hated or mistrusted. The Cubans and Vietnamese came to the US as refugees and the USA provided for them, but still there were always people and politicians that did not like them either blaming them for all sorts of evils and burdening the tax payer.

    The Mexicans are a bit different than these other immigrants because they live next door and it's easier to sneak across the border. If you are in China or Korea sneaking into the USA is a lot more difficult. There are some Americans who really hate the Mexicans who sneak across our borders because they become a burden on the US tax payer and that's what they are upset about. And there is an irrational fear that the illegals are taking jobs away from Americans. Since most of the Mexicans who sneak across the border are not professional workers, they are those who do the lowest paying jobs that only the poorest of Americans do. If Mexico's Economy was strong there would be little issue with illegal border crossing. However, the poorest in Mexico can see that they can make a better living here in America by harvesting crops and wroking for less than the minimum wage. If I were a Mexican and had a family to care for and was just barely making it, I would sneak across, too.

    To come to America, it takes three to five years of waiting, and some are never processed at all. This is clearly the Government's fault. Some Mexiacns can't wait that long to survive. All of the cost of the illegal entry to the US tax payer is a drop in the bucket compared to the two wars we are waging and all of the tax breaks given to corporate interests. It seems some people always have to ***** about something like illegal Mexiacns, when they are being robbed blind behind their backs by corporate America that continues to buy politicians to look out for thier best interests.

  • Yakuza
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    9 years ago

    I dont hate any legal immigrants.I dont like the illegal methods that all illegal aliens use to circumvent US immigration laws.but I certainly dont "hate all Mexicans.As far as videos are concerned I can show you just as many on YouTube that say Mexicans hate white people.

    .I live in Arizona and there are almost as many Mexicans Americans 40% (legal) in AZ as there are whites.So you assumptions are wrong.Americans just want people to come to America legally and learn to respect this country .All of them.

    I know breeds of horses,cats,dogs etc but I am at a total lost for "breeds" of people.

  • 9 years ago

    Let's see, I have muy vatos de Mexico, share interest in music with the black family across the road, and have friends 3 houses down on both sides of the road that are Chinese and we frequent the resturant they own. Guess I won't have the answer you're lookin' for, but as to why people hate, that would be due to envy and stupidity. Hate only hurts the hater. Just look at Pelosi.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Mexican isn't a race it's a Nationality, Hispanic isn't a race it's an ethnicity. There is no top 10 since there are only 3 races of people.

    Source(s): Anthropology 101
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  • 9 years ago

    I think most Americans do not have an issue with race but they do have an issue with people coming here without following the laws making demands on our country. How about I move into your house and you just feed me, cloth me, educate me, and learn my language so we can communicate? Oh and don't forget I have medical needs for you to pay for. If you don't, that means you hate me.

  • 9 years ago

    I don't know so much if it's top ten as much as what's in vogue at the time. We used to hate Irish Catholics when they were immigrants, going so far as to print N.I.N.A (No Irish Need Apply) on businesses. Then we hated the Germans when they were coming over, then the Italians, don't forget the Blacks, the Chinese, now it's the Mexicans because they are the new wave of immigrants.

  • 4 years ago

    I think that America do not an issues with races

  • Coasty
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    9 years ago

    I do not hate anyone because of their skin color! What I hate most are people who think they are owed anything because of what was or was not done to their relatives, living or dead. Second most hated would be people who spit on my nations laws and think they are not subject to them!

    Those people are pond scum and should be skimmed out of the population and burned!

  • illegal mexicans, illegal chinese, illegal russians, illegal koreans, illegal Japanese, illegal Somalians, illegal Cubans, illegal Sweden's. Illegal British, illegal ethiopians,

    Get the hint. All illegals, not a race issue.

  • 9 years ago

    I think the jew is the most hated people group in the world. GOD bless the jew. here is one race-the humanrace. Most people with hate the group that they feel is the most threating to them at the moment. But for me it's Santa Clause the north polian who lies to our children and spreads commonality to use all. Socialist Pig.

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