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trying to find thompson family tree! help!?

all i know is that:

Rachel ragsdale (great great great grandmother) married dewit thompson (g. g. g. grandfather) and

i know from like the 1900's and up but i cannot find any information past that and 1900's is pretty recent when it comes to geneology.

what are some websites to track geneology that WORK that i DONT PAY FOR! sorry but im 18 and have no money to put towards this and it would just frustrate me.

where can i find the thompson family tree???????


if you could check the names that would be great!!!! ok so

dewit thompson and rachel ragsdale lived in illinois and there son is troy thompson. this would be along the 1890-1910 for the birth

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    12 years of on-line and 40 of off-line genealogy tell me that with names as rare as Troy and Dewitt, "Illinois" is not entirely correct and these are your people. The chance of there being another Dewitt & Rachel with a son Troy, who skipped the census in 1910 and 1920, is remote. Rachel's maiden name may not have been Ragsdale, either.

    The possibilities are

    1) Your source was wrong.

    2) She was a Ragsdale, she married a man named McManus at age 16, and he died, deserted or divorced.

    3) She married a man named Ragsdale after Dewitt died, and the source was garbled.

    4) None of the above.

    1910: Poplar Bluff Ward 3, Butler, Missouri; Roll T624_769; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 1052.

    (Household, name, relation, sex, race, age, approx birth year, status, birthplace, father's BP, mother's BP)

    76 Thompson Dewitt Head Male White 26 abt 1884 Married Missouri Missouri Missouri

    76 Thompson Rachel Wife Female White 19 abt 1891 Married Missouri Missouri Misouri

    76 Thompson Troy C Son Male White 6/12 abt 1909 Single Missouri Missouri Missouri

    They have been married 2 years. He is a laborer in a stone factory or stove factory.

    1920: Poplar Bluff, Butler, Missouri; Roll T625_909; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 10; Image: 271.

    Dewitt Thompson 36

    Rachel Thompson 30

    Troy C Thompson 9

    Lloyd Thompson 6

    Lewis Thompson [1 and 6/12]

    1930: Epps, Butler, Missouri; Roll 1179; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 10; Image: 680.0

    Chaley C Scott 28

    Rubbie W Scott 28

    Agnes P Scott 8

    Ray S Scott 5

    Chealey Scott 3 6/12

    Ronald F Scott 1 4/12

    Wilma L Scott

    Hellon Johnson 14

    Laney Maye 19

    Troy Tompson 20

    Troy is a boarder with the Scotts. His occupation is Labor, truck helper. Laney Maye is a truck driver, so odds are they are partners.

    I can't find Dewitt or Rachel in 1930. He is probably Dewitt Clinton or John Wesley Dewitt, and used his other name in 1930.


    Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002

    Name: Dewitt Thompson

    Age: 24

    Birth Date: abt 1884

    Marriage Date: 18 Apr 1908

    Marriage County: Butler

    Spouse Name: Rachael Mc Manus

    Spouse Age: 18

    I can't find Dewitt Thompson, Rachel McManus or Rachel Ragsdale in 1900.

    > where can i find the thompson family tree

    "Thompson" is probably one of the 20 most common names in the US; it is certainly in the top 100. It means "Son of Thomas". There are thousands of unrelated Thompsons, each with their own family tree.

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    First interview your living relatives and get as much information as they remember such as dates and place of birth, marriage and death. Include siblings because they may be the key to finding your ancestors.

    Then download a free genealogy database program to help organize what you do know. Roots Magic Essentials is a good choice. There is an amazing amount of free information in libraries and online)!

    The following free sites can help you get started and teach you about how to search - education site

    http:/ lots of family trees already on-line (not always correct but a place to start) more suggested Websites

    http:/ search records and census data search more records list of genealogy Websites - good educational links free podcasts that will teach you about genealogy

    Happy hunting

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    What state? Approximately when were the born & when did they die? I have a subscription to & will love to check the names for you.

    Also you can try this site:


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