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babygee;x asked in PetsReptiles · 10 years ago

lights for tortoise table ? please help?

hello :)

my tortoise table is 6ft by 3ft and im wondering what lights to get,

at the moment im thinking of buying a,

-125w Solar Glo Mercury Vapour UVB Basking Bulb

-One ZooMed Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp.

is this all i need for the lights and what will i need of a night time :)

- i also have an outdoor pen that they go in alot anyway, its just cold right now as its winter here :)

would this be for the uvb and the heating ?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You did not tell us the species of tortoise you have, but I think it can be safely assumed you have the right lamp for your tortoise.

    Personally, I prefer to use separate lamps for heat and UV, but the combined lamps are just as effective. Mine too are now indoors on their table since the weather broke a couple of days ago.

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  • Steven
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Yes mercury vapor bulbs provide heat and UVb so you should be fine with just that one bulb. Remember UVb lights need changed every 6 months. Most MV bulbs last for a year but without a UV meter you can't tell when it stops since we cant see UVb. Whether you need supplemental heat at night depends on the temps of your house. If you do need it i suggest a ceramic heat emitter

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you're able to desire to save the warmth and complete spectrum gentle on for plenty of the day yet turn it off at night. i in my view desire a vivarium considering the fact which you could administration the warmth greater ideal. The basking section needs to be around 80 5-ninety 5 ranges farenheit and the different end of the tank needs to be around 10 ranges cooler. in the summertime they are able to bypass outdoors in the sunlight hours, yet provided that they are over 4 years previous. they desire supplementations including to thier foodstuff in many situations ideally one that supplies calcium besides. Ive saved tortoises for years so in case you desire greater suggestion digital mail me, ill be happy to assist

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    Bet your tortoise is really cool! I love them. Check the link above for ideas. Hope I helped you a bit! Even if im not really sure! Good Luck...

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