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how to fix scratches on wood floor?

I have a new puppy and he gets really hyper a lot and slides around on the wood floor and scratches it up. how can i fix these scratches? i'v heard orange glow helps fix scratches is that true? If not please give me another way to fix it.

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    If these are just minor scratches, you can repair it without sanding. Rub wax wood repair stick (with the color matched to the color of the wooden floor). Colored wax are available in three main colors: blonde, clear, and brown. You would want the brown and stay away from the clear type as this cannot hide the scratches. After application, wait for about 10 minutes and wipe the area clean with a clean cloth.

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    Just rent a sander and lightly sand your hardwood floor then stain it. Its a bit of elbow grease but its not expensive if YOU do it.

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