Doesn't The Federal Reserve Banking System Corp. Actually Own The People Of The United States?

The Federal Reserve Banking System is a private monopoly owned by persons unknown, that prints money to lend to us for interest, cannot be audited and answers to NO ONE. Isn't this legalized enslavement of every American? Why is it acceptable for a secret monopoly to own all American citizens?

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  • 10 years ago
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    they own our money , so in a matter of speaking yes

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The globalists who control the Federal Reserve and other banking institutions around the world would very much like to THINK that they can own people, but there are some things all of their fiat money can never buy.

    This pisses them off like you would not believe!

    @ BFlowing....

    If you know, then please tell us. Who are the federal reserve's shareholders? I have certainly seen unconfirmed lists on the internet, but these represent the speculation of independent researchers. To the best of my knowledge, that information is private.

    Also, the fact that the board is appointed by the president doesn't really mean anything. Especially when the list of candidates is prepared by the bankers themselves. And especially when the president's own allegiances are questionable.

    OOOh! Bush and Clinton agree: Greenspan is an economic genius! Does that speak to the apolitical nature of the Fed, or does it speak to the fact that the same banking culture dominates both parties?? The reader will decide.

    Finally, in response to "the Fed is audited, and answers to the government"................. you have got to be f*cking kidding me. Do you think the people reading your answer are stupid, or are you just stupid yourself?

    Are you not aware of the recent legislative push to conduct a full audit of the Fed? If you haven't heard about this, I would be very surprised. What do you think that was? A practical joke? Do you think people would be working this hard to get an audit of the Fed, if the current audit (conducted by the GAO) were sufficient?

    You claim that the Fed answers to the government. Then why is it that when US Congress demanded to know the recipients of undisclosed "rescue" loans, the Fed outright refused to tell them? Why did Bloomberg have to sue the Fed, through FOIA, to try to get that information disclosed?

    Do you know the recipients of those funds? And how much was it, exactly? People are dying to know.

    Why wasn't that information in the "audit?" Do you know the definition of the word "audit?"

    For that matter, why did the Fed stop publishing M3 figures in 2006? Why did their MASTERS in Congress not object to this unilateral decision? Did they not believe it would be necessary for them, as our representatives, to know how much currency the Fed is injecting into our national monetary system?

    Do YOU know the latest M3 figures? How much new currency was created since Oct 2008?

    Why is that information not included in the GAO's "audit"???

    Could it be because the GAO's audit is a joke?

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  • 10 years ago

    I was suspicious about the Feds too until I did a little more reading.

    I know think we need the Feds as it is.

    Human affairs, including, of course, the economic world is not a perfect working model.

    Every human quality that affects human interaction, whether good or bad, also shows itself

    in economic activities.

    So, since nothing is perfect, I think some "outside" agency is necessary to try and help or correct when the economy goes crazy.

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  • 3 years ago

    basically they do no longer desire to finally end up like Germany in the twentieth century. See in the event that they print further and extra the notes honestly substitute into well worth much less. So say you wanna purchase bread it expenses $a million dollar. Then some days later via mass printing the fee of the bread could upward push to assert $2 hundred. basically greater uncooked supplies or something rather = greater much affordable well worth

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  • 10 years ago

    The problem is none of your statements are true. Its privately owned, but it is led by a Board of Governors selected by the President. It is audited and does answer to the Government.

    Its main purpose is to prevent the economy from the extremes of runaway inflation or a Depression.

    By the way, the shareholders are known.

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  • erin
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    They might think they do; but if it came down to it they'd never take me alive.

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