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Alex reid v Tom Watson who won? Last Night,?

Alex reid v Tom Watson who won? Last Night

please tell me who won, simple answer

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    Yep Tom Watson, but it was close, Alex Reid fought really well.

    Final round & scoring:


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    Tom Watson won...unfortunately

    Source(s): Youtube
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    definite, I watched the IBM infomercial. the two human contestants regarded annoyed and Alex T. a tad perturbed at Watson on Tuesday. Ken found out via Wednesday that he had to basically push the button earlier all people had time to study the question and he have been given a great style of them that way. i presumed approximately 2001's Hal and Dave, too. Creepy. no longer something to rigidity approximately till it turns into sentient like Lore, documents's manipulative twin on celebrity Trek: TNG.

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    alex reid got owned m8 and he got beat :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ALEX :)

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