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corel draw X5

corel draw 有咩 hot key(熱鍵)快回 thx

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    Just list A & B. For the detail, pls check


    Align BottomBAligns selected objects to the bottom Align Centers HorizontallyEHorizontally aligns the centers of theselected objects Align Centers VerticallyCVertically aligns the centers of the selectedobjects Align LeftLAligns selected objects to the left Align RightRAligns selected objects to the right Align To BaselineAlt+F12Aligns text to the baseline Align TopTAligns selected objects to the top Artistic MediaIDraws curves and applies Preset, Brush,Spray, Calligraphic or Pressure Sensitive effe Back OneCtrl+PgDnBack One Break ApartCtrl+KBreaks apart the selected object Brightness/Contrast/Intensity Ctrl+BBrightness/Contrast/Intensity... Bring up Property BarCtrl+EnterBrings up the Property Bar and gives focusto the first visible item that can be tabbed to

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