Were can I get cheap but descent pc graphics cards?

I have an HP slimline, so I don't know if the video card is "Onboard" or if it's independent.Can you help me out with that first?

Now, the main reason I asked the question.I want to play CIV V really badly, but the only problem is that I don't reach the minimum requirements for the video card. the minimum requirement is a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS or better. I currently have a GeForce 7100 / nForce 630i. However, the video card I currently have meets the "minimum attributes" for the video card; LEFT COLUMN is the REQUIRED attributes and the RIGHT COLUMN are MY attributes.

Video RAM; (256 MB) (1.8 GB)

Hardware T&L; (Yes) (Yes)

Pixel Shader version; (3.0) (3.0)

Vertex Shader version; (3.0) (3.0)

So, what's the real difference between the video card I have now and the one required to play CIV V?


my hp is a s3620f

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  • 9 years ago
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    You sisn't state which model HP slimeline you have so it is difficult to give you an accurate answer.

    Looking at HP's website I checked out their cheapest slimline the s5510. It says that it comes standard with onboard graphics with an optional video card option.

    That being said, from what you listed in the left/right column I am going to assume yours has the onboard graphics based on the 1.8gb video ram you listed, which I believe is SHARED RAM. Meaning the pc is using your regular RAM and dedicating a portion of that for graphics processing.

    As far as gaming goes, this is bad because 1, it lessens the amount of RAM for running the mechanical part of the game and 2, is very ineffecient

    Since the website does say there is a graphics card option you should be able to get a lower end card to work, but you will first need to find out exactly what type of interface your computer needs, AGP, PCI-E 1.0, or PCI-E 2.0. AGP cards will not work in a PCE-E slot at all, but a PCE-E 1.0 card will work in a 2.0 slot but a 2.0 will not work in a 1.0. You most likely have a 300 or 350 watt power supply in your system and this will also limit the power of the card you can put in. I do not know if a regular "off the shelf" power supply upgrade will fit in your chassis.

    The best thing I could tell you without more info would be to contact HP.

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