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SpOnGy asked in Social ScienceSociology · 1 decade ago

How are these an example of a legacy?

The Colosseum of Rome and the Baths of Caracalla examples of a legacy? Please I need help. I don't know and I cannot tell either.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Collosseum of Rome - again derived (architecturally speaking) from ancient Greek ampitheatres. Tiered seating. Which is exactly what you see today in sports arenas 5,000 or more years later.


    As for the Baths - hmm - I guess that refers to how moderns are still in love with going to spas, although it seems that for the most part only modern women are terribly interested in that, at least in my experience. Men go to work out in gyms it seems rather than go to a spa these days (unless forced to go by their spouses ;-). Women LOVE hot tubs, and I suppose I do as well. But the old cold water tub or pool? - nah, I'll skip that - even if you want to pay for it honey. That's OK. I'll meet you in the hot tub LOL. But actually the country Turkey and other countries have natural hot springs. The ones in Turkey are terraced (again naturally), so that I suppose that one could descend from a natural 'hot' spring bath down to a rather icy cold bath at the end - which I kind of think that the Romans were trying to emulate. Supposed to be invigorating or something . . . IDK about that LOL.

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