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B&A: Teen writers, I have a poll for you :)?

Okay so I'm just curious, doing a little social science experiment

I want to ask you these random questions about you and socializing.

Seeing as I am a teen, I'll also answer them, incase you're wondering.

1. Do you have many friends? are you "popular" or "nerdy"? (I apologise for they stereotyping :S)

2. How well do you do in school?

3. Do you attend parties or gatherings often? how often?

4. Do you drink alcohol at these parties?

5. Are any of these apart of your interests: fashion, sport, music, maths/science, celebrity gossip?

6. Who is you're 'hero' inspiration or person you look up to?

BQ - do your friends support you and your writing? In what way?

thanks for you're time, I look forward to seeing your answers XD

and for your information, if you're curious about me:

1. yes, I have lots of friends but whether I'm popular, I don't really know... I guess in a sense I am.. because I have many friends and I am friends with different groups, not just the one (but then again there is no real hierarchy at our school)

2. I do well In school I guess... I excell in english and the Arts... Maths and science.. well... Let's just say I need a little help with that. I'm an average student.

3. I LOVE attending parties XD so I go as often as I can. But It would average only to be about ever tird weekend, sometimes every second.

4. Okay, so I drink. I don't go off my head but I do like a beverage or two :)

5. I LOVE fashion and am good at sport. I hate maths and science though and celebrity gossip does interest me, but NOT when it's all over the news. I enjoy reading magazines etc but that's about it. OH and music = <3 just SO much love.

6. the person whom inspires me isn't a hero... she's more an idol, role model. And that would be Audrey Hepburn XD In my writing life though, It would definitely be JK Rowling, she's brilliant, what can I say.

BQ - they don't know I write, to be honest.. they know I love writing, but they don't realise I sit at home writing and planning novels :\


Don't get me wrong, I am a nerdy person but I think popular can only be decided by the amount of friends (not the clothes you wear or the boys you bang XD)

@ take yer own advice - I gave you a thumbs up to be honest. We do only live once and I plan to get high at some point

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    OMG a poll :DD YAY!!

    1. Do you have many friends? are you "popular" or "nerdy"?

    Although it's a bit of the middle for me. You could say I'm popular with 40+ friends and all that ( mixed genders, some friends are guys, others girls) But, I'm still stereotyped as a total nerd/ geek at my school ( I blame being a writer, computer geek and art freak!)

    2. How well do you do in school?

    Well... I'm not "bad" nor super good. I had this "dream" of getting straight A's but I'm sure that will never happen... with my D- in math!

    I have one A+ though in publications, B's in Science and English, P

    ( passing) in P.E. and an B+ in History.

    3. Do you attend parties or gatherings often? how often?

    I am a party animal! Although, sometimes I'm quite shy... other times I am very into the party. I go to the mall at least twice with my friends every week, I go to parties 5 times a month usually and I'm usually invited to most teenage gatherings!

    4. Do you drink alcohol at these parties?

    Sometimes... although I've learned that bad things happen if I do.

    Take the last party I went to...

    5. Are any of these apart of your interests: fashion, sport, music, maths/science, celebrity gossip?

    Music- is what makes up half of my life, I ALWAYS have my Ipod with me! Fashion- I'm not too big on fashion and school trends, but I try to keep in touch with it all, sports- any sport ( besides soccer) I really don't care for, since my knees are so messed up, celebrity gossip- sometimes if it's a really important celeb to me ( like Katy Perry), math/science- I suck at both, so nothing to say there.

    6. Who is you're 'hero' inspiration or person you look up to?

    Maybe, J.K. Rowling she's most writer's inspiration, then there's Pullman who wrote the His Dark Material's trilogy. Those books are GENIUS!

    I also look up to both of my aunts because they are so inspirational to me.

    BQ - do your friends support you and your writing? In what way?

    Yes, the second I told them all, " I'm writing a book!"

    They said that they would buy it, and asked what the title was. I also when finished editing a new chapter, e-mail it to my friends ASAP

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    1) I don't really have that many friends. I have a lot of acquaintances that I can get along with well, but friends that I want to hang out with when school is over are far fewer than the number of acquaintances. I'm totally a nerd, glasses and all (though I cover that up by wearing contacts).

    2) I do well in school. I have all As or A/B (because of stupid math class) just about every time. The last time I had something other than an A or B in a class was in fourth grade, when I had a C in science.

    3) I NEVER attend parties. I'm incredibly inept socially and never know about a party until it's already happened and people are talking about what happened there. I prefer being at home and typing my stories, anyways. I don't like being in places with lots of people, which is why I don't like going to school.

    4) Nah, I don't drink alcohol. My parents have offered me a chance to try it (I got lucky and got super-amazing chill parents), but I just didn't want it. I don't really feel tempted by alcohol or drugs and think they're disgusting. Maybe it helps that I have a sizable bet with my brother that I won't drink a beer until I'm of legal age and I want to win. Five more years to go!

    5) I'm not very big on fashion, I love football (Go Jaguars! Don't suck this week!) and no other sport, music is my second great obsession next to writing, I can't stand math/science, and celebrity gossip makes me sick. I imagine the sense of invasion and lost privacy the celebs must feel and just can't support the rags that call these people unfaithful or evil behind their backs, so to speak.

    6) I don't really have anyone I look up to. My mother, maybe?

    BQ: My two best friends know that I love to write and support me all the way. When I finish writing short stories, I give them to my girls so I can have some feedback and so they can have fun reading it. I also help one of them with her writing because she would like to be a writer one day too. They always ask me how my novels are going and give me ideas when I'm stuck.

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    I don't think I'm "technically" still considered a teen, but I'm still in my teen years so why not? :P

    1. Do you have many friends? are you "popular" or "nerdy"? (I apologise for they stereotyping :S): No. I've never really had that many friends. Just a couple close ones. I'm definitely not popular thought I wouldn't go as far as nerdy. I'm the quiet, shy kid, that people just kind of forget about.

    2. How well do you do in school? I'm a straight B student. Totally average. Sometimes I'll get a few A's as well but B's are the norm. English has always been a good subject for me while math has always been terrible.

    3. Do you attend parties or gatherings often? how often? No I wouldn't really say so. Every know and then I'll get together with a few friends.

    4. Do you drink alcohol at these parties? Nope.

    5. Are any of these apart of your interests: fashion, sport, music, maths/science, celebrity gossip? I love sports! And I definitely love music as well. I like to look nice, but I don't care anything about fashion. Same goes with celebrity gossip, I think the drama can be a little funny, but otherwise I'm not interested. As for math and science, they're just evil.

    6. Who is you're 'hero' inspiration or person you look up to? There isn't really one person I look up too. Many of my favorite authors for sure. And it may sound weird but I also look up to fictitious characters as well.

    BQ - do your friends support you and your writing? In what way? No. My friends don't know I write. I'm the same in which they know I like to write but don't realize I do it. Most people would probably think it's crazy. I don't :)

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    1. I actually have quite a few. I don't have a set group, just about five close friends and then I meander through the rest.

    2. High Bs and up, unless it's math. The other day, a friend of mine from South Korea needed help on a grammar assignment and he goes "You be the English, I'll be the math," which was awesome because he's actually a mid-B math student, and he likes to flaunt his I'm-Asian-and-bad-at-math-but-still-better-than-you-ness over me.

    3. Not often. The five friends I am closest with and I just float around each other's houses (two are siblings, and one lives with me so he can finish high school in this state, so it's much easier now. ha.)

    4. Not really. I wasn't raised to think of alcohol as taboo, so it's no big ticket with me. If I want a drink, I can have a little bit, but the rule is that if I insist on drinking, it'll happen at home, and if my friends do, they have to spend the night.

    5. Music and sports. I actually just got a letter from a college of music urging me to apply, and I'm a statistician/water girl/first-aider/book-keeper/equipment manager/secretary for baseball and football at my school.

    6. Frank Sinatra is my inspiration. End of the story.

    BQ! My friends like my stuff when it's nice, but I don't write nice works.

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    1. Do you have many friends? are you "popular" or "nerdy"?

    I have a few friends but I'm not part of a large social circle. There are a lot of "nerds" in my school -- we're not that stereotypical in that some of the most popular people are complete Harry Potter fans. But I'm pretty nerdy, and the few friends I have are really weird/awesome/nerdy.

    2. How well do you do in school?

    Until this year I've gotten all As. I normally do really well. This year has really hit me hard, though, and I'm not doing as well. Still pretty good though.

    3. Do you attend parties or gatherings often?

    Umm no :D

    I mean, I'll hang out with a few friends on Friday night, but it is more like a five year old's birthday party than a stereotypical high school kegger.

    4. Do you drink alcohol at these parties?

    Hahaha. No. Last night was my friend's birthday party... we just sat around and talked about mustaches and toupees all night. Then we made a cake that had a face with a mustache and a toupee on it. We're weird. But no. I've never drank (is that the right word?) before :/

    5. Are any of these apart of your interests: fashion, sport, music, maths/science, celebrity gossip?

    Fashion -- I appreciate it, but I'm so bad at picking out clothes.

    Sport -- I've never really been into sports, but I recently started water polo and I love it. I love being part of a team.

    Music -- I like to listen to it, but I can't sing or play an instrument.

    Math/Science -- Love it!

    Celebry gossip -- I love reading the trashy magazines (subscription to Tiger Beat, anyone?) but it's not an interest of mine. It's mostly for the laughs.

    6. Who is you're 'hero' inspiration or person you look up to?

    There are many people I admire, but for the longest time I've wanted to be like Tina Fey. She's a hilarious writer and overall person, and she's really classy -- she's not drop-dead gorgeous, but she's not trashy either. Actually I think she's really pretty, but I read in Vanity Fair she has a lot of insecurities (like everyone, though, right?). Anyways, I've always wanted her job and her lifestyle, so yeah.

    BQ - do your friends support you and your writing? In what way?

    I've told a few people I love to write, and with a few of my friends I can talk about writing and language and stuff, but I haven't gotten to the point where they'll read and critique my stuff.

  • 9 years ago

    1. I'd say I'm an average person. Though I do tend to act like a total geek or nerd, I'm not ashamed of it and that's what brings people closer to me, but it's also what drives them away. I've never really had many friends since I started school, only three or four. It's still the same now that I'm in high school.

    2. I do very well in school. Especially english. xD

    3. Nope, I'm clean. I live in a military household, so I'd be in a world of hell. xD

    4. "..."

    5. Fashion and music. I wouldn't say celeb. gossip much cause I don't really have anyone to talk to it about. xD

    6. Humm, this is a VERY hard choice. I guess I'll have to say Stephanie Meyer. xD Don't get me wrong here and call me an Edward/Jacob fangirl or anything, cause I've actually lost interest in those books. I haven't read or looked at them in two years. Haha. But the reason I say her is because before I picked up Twilight, I absolutely despised reading. I didn't mind writing as much, but I still hated it. When I found out that Stephanie was a stay-at-home mom I thought (at the time, now not so much... about the books) "hey, this is a great story, if she can do it, i can do it too!" Something around that. Haha. So now, I can't put a book down until I'vefinishedd it, and pretty much all I think about away from school work is WRITING, WRITING, WRITING! xD

    I get what you about your friends. A lot of people I know haven't a clue that I write outside of english assignments. Then there are the people who know I write, but just don't know how much I love it. There are only about two, maybe three people who know I've been writing since the seventh grade. (I'm a second year high schooler now.) And yeah, I have maybe 5 stories in the beginningg of being written, and maybe a million more buried deep in my head that want to become novels. I came up with a new one just last night! =D

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    9 years ago

    1. Do you have many friends? are you "popular" or "nerdy"?

    No, I don't. A few a good ones. I'm a nerd and damn proud of it.

    2. How well do you do in school?

    Straight B.

    3. Do you attend parties or gatherings often? how often?

    My definition of 'party' is still 'birthday party'. Answer the question?

    4. Do you drink alcohol at these parties?

    No, I have never consumed it.

    5. Are any of these apart of your interests: fashion, sport, music, maths/science, celebrity gossip?

    Music, yes.

    6. Who is you're 'hero' inspiration or person you look up to?

    Well, God would be first...and then I guess whoever invented the taco.

    BQ - do your friends support you and your writing? In what way?

    No one knows I write.

    Source(s): MGMT = excellence.
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    1. Yes I have quite a few friends. I'm popular

    2. Straight A's

    3. I would say I go to maybe two parties a month on average. Otherwise I just hang out with a smaller group of friends.

    4. There is alcohol at these parties but I do not drink.

    5. Fashion (my wardrobe is one of the largest I've ever seen) and sports... I play field hockey for my high school

    6. Ke$ha. Haha kidding... I would probably say my inspiration or idol is my older sister. She battled cancer throughout high school and still managed excellent grades as well as acceptance into an Ivy League.

  • 9 years ago

    1. I have a close group of a about 6 friends, and a lot more other people that I enjoy talking to and hanging out with. I think nerd/geek/loner type. P:

    2. The lowest grade I ever got in high school was C's and I never bothered to study for anything, so I guess I do well. Think I just aced my gen. psych test today too.

    3. Rarely, me and my friends aren't the type - usually it just small get-togethers to talk, relax, watch movies and play video games.

    4. No, all of us don't see the point of drinking (or drugs) when we're all able to have fun and relax without that.

    5. If you mean "a part" (as in included in) then not really, I love to listen to music, but don't know how to play anything...I like to sing sometimes?

    6. For writing or in general? Writing: Neil Gaiman; every time I read something of his work I'm floored and inspired to work harder at refining my writing. Generally: No one that I can think of.

    BQ: Yes; most of my friends are actively part of a fictional group (too long to explain that) and I am one of the writers. I also trade writing for one of my friend's artistic skill.

  • 1. I was a band geek, but I quit because the director is horrible! :/ Either way, I'm perceived as the nerd who's the only one to voluntarily take Creative Writing. I'm not there just because I didn't fill out my schedule.

    2. I do pretty well. The only thing I'm having trouble with is Drivers Ed. I'm a crappy driver.

    3. Not as often as others. I do like going to the movies with my friends and such, but I'm not really a partier.

    4. I don't drink at all. >:P I find alcohol disgusting!

    5. Music is a great interest of mine. I also like science. I'm good at math, but I find the class boring.

    6. My hero is my mom. She writes children's stories. And she's all around a good person. She's the person I want to be like. I just don't want to make the choices she did. She had me when she was 17, and my parents are on the brink of divorce. But she's handling these situations with grace and maturity. I'm very proud of my mom.

    BQ: My friends in my creative writing do- they're really the only people who read my writing other than people on B&A. My other friends support me, but they don't read my writing and criticize it. If I'm feeling down and out, they'll help me get back on my feet.

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