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how come Pit bulls are not allowed in A K C?

I'm not saying my pit is the best looking dog ,but she is damn pretty. and they let Stafford in it. and i know my pup is a lot cuter than those dogs. and there should be a different show for dogs who are spaded and neutered , and maybe mix breeds. If there are any i would like to know . Thanks in advance !

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    UKC only

    AKC hasn't recognized pit bulls as a breed they are calling them BYB of Staffordshire terriers. its a load of crap but i have registered UKC pit bulls "AMPB or APBT" good luck! look at my pit bull shes beautiful too!

    EDIT: exactly chub pub!

    idiots ruined the chances of a beautiful breed! there are bands going around to end all pit bulls! can you say mass extinction! can you imagine! all those poor Innocent dogs? i would report all fighting the first chance i get! people like those deserve to be fought against their own pit bull!

    Source(s): ukc reg pit bulls and know alot about them so bold, so beautiful, so frightening, so protective, so loving, SO MISUNDERSTOOD! = the american pit bull terrier love them all!
  • Anna
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    9 years ago

    Because 'pit bull' is not a breed of dog, merely a generic term describing about 40 different breeds. It's kind of like saying that a 'spaniel' should be recognized by the AKC - well, what type of spaniel?

    The AKC recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, both of which are generically termed 'pit bulls'.

    There can't ever be serious dog shows for mixed breed dogs, because purebred dogs are judged against a certain standard of what the dog should look like based on its breed (among other things). Mixed breeds have no such traits.

    I believe there are some shows that allow dogs to be spayed or neutured, though. But again, 'pit bull' is not a specific breed, so you couldn't register your dog.

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    There is a process to get a breed recognized by the AKC, and if a breed parent club chooses not to apply, they won't be recognized. As stated, a 'pit bull' is a generic term used for any mix of bully breeds, if you have an APBT, that's another matter. Damn pretty & cute have nothing to do with the process, since there are plenty of mutts who also fit that description

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    It is because Staffordshires are a recognized, purebred breed. Pits are not.

    You can compete in AKC with your Pitbull in the companion events like obedience, Rally and Agility. All you have to do is list your dog in the "Canine Partners" registry for AKC. It is for mixed breeds.

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    hey im with you there i have a very good looking male hes neutered thou but i think that its ufair why they dont have pitbulls besides the terrior breed, i honeslty think they dont show them because of the bad rap that they have which is unfair because its not the animals fault its the owners that miss train them i think they are afraid to show more of them because of that. i feel bad that such a sweeet animal is looked down on because of other ppls mistakes and mess up. ive looked for shows but not success ful butwhen u find one let me know

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    because "pit bull" isn't an established breed, its merely a term used to describe mixes that have a certain look

  • Berner
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    ...there are akc shows for SPAYED and neutered dogs...altered sex you can do other sports like agility and draft to earn titles ..

    *edit spayed and neutered dogs that are accepted by the akc, which pits are not, but they do have them for other breeds

    you should try drafting with your pit, they tend to like it..

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    its because idiots put their dogs in fights and make them mean to other dogs and people, witch gives them a bad reputation

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