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13 year old girl sleeps in mums bed?

Right, I'm 13 years old, and I still sleep in my mums bed, If I sleep in my own bed, I feel really uncomfortable! I have too sleep in her bed, I've slept in her bed since I was a toddler, and I just can't get rid of the habit.. I'd sleep in my own bed if I could, but I really can't.!?

Is this wrong? or is it appropriate as long as we're both okay with it? Please help, I just need to know I'm normal. Ha-ha!

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    Until I was in middle school (which was age 12) I would go into my mom's room when my dad got up at 5 AM (he always woke me up). My mom and I didn't have to wake up until 7 AM so I'd sleep in there for 2 more hours. I liked it. I would have slept with my mom all night if given the choice but my dad had to sleep there so I wasn't.

    In middle school I had to wake up at 5:30 AM and so there was no point in going in my mom's room. I honestly missed it for a while but now it's become more comfortable to sleep in my own bed. Sometimes when my dad is on vacation I ask to sleep in her room. She always tells me no and that she wants to have the bed to herself, LOL (don't blame her).

    If you're okay with it, there's nothing wrong with it. Everyone has the weird things that help them sleep. I have to sleep with my baby blanket at the end of my bed, my teddy bear against my back, and a pillow between my arms. I slept with a nightlight foreverrrr.

    If you do want to begin sleeping in your own bed try making your room comfortable for you. If that means changing your bedspread, painting the walls, cleaning it, rearranging it. I went through multiple furniture placements before I found the one that felt "natural" to sleep with.

    Tell yourself, "I like my room. I have a great room. My bed is so comfortable and my room is so nice and calm and quiet. I will sleep so well tonight and I will fall asleep so fast." Don't drink caffiene less than 2 hours before bed, don't watch TV or play computer right before you sleep. Try reading a book (it makes my eyes tired). Relax and think of a place you love or a relaxing place like a beach. When I can't sleep I try to do my multiplication tables, name all the states, name all of the states AND their capitals, or name all the presidents. It's hard and it eventually makes you so tired of thinking you just want to sleep, LOL.

    But if you're okay with it and your mom is okay with it I don't see any reason why you should change it. I have a friend who always has to be sleeping with someone whether it's her mom, a friend, her dog. She's 17 next month and still sleeps with her mom on occasion. Not weird at all!

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  • Julie
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    9 years ago

    At some point you are going to have to sleep on your own in your own bed. What if your Mother has to go away or into hospital or something and somebody else was taking care of you?

    You can't sleep in your own bed because you have told yourself that you can't and by allowing you to continue this behaviour your mother is just reinforcing your belief. Have you never tried a whole night in your own bed?

    I suggest that you try it tonight - when you go to bed (your own) read for a little bit or listen to some music (using headphones) maybe leave the headphones on and let the music lull you to sleep. You just have to get through that first night and once you do you will be fine.

    If your Mother meets somebody what will you do then? No future boyfriend or hubby of your Mothers will want a 13 year old in bed with them that really would be a little strange.

    You cannot carry on like this - you need to breakaway from your Mother at some point and sleeping in the same bed is not going to help you do that.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I had that same issue until I was 11.

    Someone had broken into my house when I was little and I refused to sleep by myself. That was when I was four, and even though I got over it as I got older, the habit of sleeping in my moms bed was still there.

    I began to get embaressed because when I'd have sleepovers with friends I didn't sleep at all because I couldn't fall asleep on the couch or in my bed- I HAD to sleep in my moms bed, there was no way around it. That was when I drew the line.

    My parents thought that getting me a dog would help. I got one, and now he sleeps in my room, and not only is he my "best friend" but the sound of him breathing at night is just as comforting as hearing my mom (if not better! He only snores little baby snores, not big honkin' ones like my mom XD). We also re-decorated my room, got a new bedspread/sheets/pillows/pictures and I decorated it to my liking. :)

    I felt "grown up" and better once I began sleeping in my own room. It's better for everyone!

    But, just as a consolation, doing this is normal in some cultures. The little girls I babysit are from Italy, and it's the norm for them. Same with the little boy and girl from Costa Rica I babysit. I'd say it's a bit taboo, but I don't think it's wrong or inappropriate.

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  • 9 years ago

    Omg, im the same way and im 13 too! Both my parents live together and Ive been sleeping in their bed scince I was 3. I sleep w/ stuffed animals, but I cant get out of the habit of sleeping in my parents bed! ive tried to sleep in my bed a couple of times, but my mom either wakes me up at 4:00 am to sleep in hers, or prevents me from going to my room that night. It really bugs me too because i wish I were mature enough to sleep in my own bed, but i jjust cant break that habit either! Honestly, i think it weird but hey, I do the same thing so dont feel embarrased. You are for sure NOT alone.

    • Dan4 years agoReport

      Your mom stops you from sleeping in your own bed?!? That sounds weird and sounds like something inappropriate is going on. If something wrong is going on here is not the place to ask for help.

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  • 9 years ago

    hi, I'm 14 and had this habit too, but I broke it, and here's how I did it!

    -the reason you're feeling that you need to, is because you're so used to it. the best thing to do is NOT to quit cold turkey. know that you can sleep in her bed if you need to. that'll help.

    step 1- make your room love-able! get a new bedspread, pillow, and re-decorate/arrange your furniture. that'll make you WANT to sleep in there. maybe get a night light so you feel more comfortable.

    step 2- maybe you can sleep on the living room couch if you're still having trouble. that's what I did. I feel comfortable on the living room couch. actually, my mom won't let me sleep in her bed anymore. so I resorted to the couch, and I feel really comfortable on there as well. try it if you can't sleep!

    step 3- before you go to bed, tell yourself this "I love my bed. I love my room. I can fall asleep in 10minutes. I have the most comfortable bed in the whole house. I can sleep in my own room"

    also, don't watch TV, don't go on the computer, don't play any video games, no caffeine, and no chocolate 1 hour before bed. this will keep you awake!

    try a bedside lamp. if you feel uncomfortable, turn it on!

    step 4- maybe try being in your bed for a longer time each night. day 1, 30 minutes. can't sleep? go to mom's room. day 2, 1 hour. can't sleep? go to mom's room (or couch) day 3, 2 hours. STILL can't sleep? couch or mom's room. day 4, 3 hours. etc. you'll EVENTUALLY fall asleep. so just relax! maybe listen to an ipod or something.

    step 5- r-e-l-a-x! lay on your back. start by relaxing every muscle in your body, from your head to each one of your toes. then, tighten them. relax them again. keep doing this. it's proven to relax people.

    step 6- maybe have your mom lay in bed (YOUR BED) with you for half an hour each night. maybe you'll get used to it. having comfort from your mom isn't a bad thing at all! it shows you 2 are close.

    it's better to break the habit while you can though!

    step 7- if nothing above helps-just do it. even if you're uncomfortable. don't let yourself leave your room. you should get used to the idea sooner or later. you could even imagine being in your mom's bed. like pretend kinda.

    and yes, you are normal. a lot of people have this problem (I did, and only fixed it 2 months ago)

    I really hope these tips helped you!

    good luck, sleep well!


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  • 9 years ago

    I honestly don't think that's weird. I would much rather sleep with my mom than by myself. My dad hardly sleeps in bed with my mom because he doesn't like the mattress so he's always on the couch. So most nights after my dad leaves the bed to sleep on the couch, I go get in bed with my mom. And I'm 18, so if anyone's weird, it's me :P

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  • love
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    9 years ago

    So what if you sleep in your mom's bed. I'm 15 and I still sleep in my mom's bed. My mom's bed is more comfortable.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I think its normal

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I bet your Mom's single, she would have to be if she had her teenage daughter sleeping in her bed.

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  • 9 years ago

    lol well im on my bf's yahooanswers && i slept with my mom untill i moved out && im 18 now. i didnt feel comfortable in my bed either unless my bf slept over or a friend...but it was just me and mom living in our house so thats probly why..

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