Am I ready to date again? Should I wait to achieve my personal goals first?

I'm currently not dating purposefully because I feel like I'm not ready due to circumstances; 25, living with mom, no car (buying one soon), between jobs, full-time pre-med student, and always at home taking care of my autistic sister. On top of that, I am completely unhappy/discontent with my weight (5'8", but still about 90 lbs to lose), but currently working out and setting up a personal trainer. I would genuinely like to date again, but when I get out there I'm just not that into the person, vice-versa, or both.

When I do date, more often than not I am relieved when it's over, that I'm no longer seeing that person. I don't know what it's gonna take for me anymore. I'm not extremely picky--my standards are somewhere in the middle. I just haven't found the right guy who is SINGLE, into me, and not a jerk. I truly want the nice guy, but that too is hard to find. I'm 25 now and I feel like even if I'm at my perfect weight, and have the car, my own place/ steady job, that I'm gonna find myself in the same rut. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Should I wait to lose the weight, feel more confident, look better, then get back out there, or am I ready to date now--(given that a great guy doesn't just fall right into my lap at any given time)? I realize I can't have everything come together in my life in one day, but do my current setbacks make me NOT ready for a relationship at all?

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    1 decade ago
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    Loosing the weight and achieving your goals with boost your confidence a lot and will help you in dating, BUT you can date now, just worry less about things, don't expect anything out of the date just stay cool and relaxed. Enjoy conversation with people and do fun things, if your just dating for the sake of having a boyfriend/relationship and you aren't enjoying yourself you will be miserable continuing with that person into a relationship. if you go to a bar or club just say hi or look at someone and walk off don't try and start a conversation with everyone, any interested people WILL find you and try to talk to you. Just try to be yourself and do things that you enjoy.

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