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How do I figure out what my light switch controls?

There is a light switch in my apartment that seems to have no purpose. I can't figure out what it is for. I've tried every outlet in the apartment to see if switch is for one of those, and it doesn't control any of the lights. Is there any way to find out what it is for? I'm thinking maybe it's for an outlet and maybe just isn't working properly. ( I don't want to end up like Monica on friends and start tearing holes in the wall, but it's driving me crazy!)


there are no neighbors, just a business on the bottom floor

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    ask your neighbors what that particular switch works in their apartment...

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    ask the owner of the place

    perhaps it controls the porch light?

    perhaps it controls an outside electrical outlet?

    or a switch that controls something like the garage door opener, or the refrigerator (something that's already plugged in but you are unaware when you flip the switch)???

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  • Try every outlet even the top and bottom. If not maybe tenets before you broke it and the landlord did not want to spend the money and just drywalled over it.

    Source(s): www.libertyfloorcare.com
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