painkiller tolerance?

I have experimented recreationally with painkillers off and on for the past 6 years. I'll go off and on with them and then switch to something else. Recently (the past month) I have been taken them about 5 days a week and sometimes doing an OC 80 or hydrocodone tens whatever is available. I havent done them for two days and now ive been sore and I ate 50 mg of hydrocodone tonight and it made me feel better but I didn't really have any euphoria or get very high at all. Am i building a high tolerance or risking any sort of addiction now? I dont feel like i have to take them i just enjoy them alot

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    "experimented recreationally with painkillers off and on"? Why? So basically you don't really have any pain at all, physically, you just wanna get high? WHy don't you just get some pot? It's cheaper and it makes you high. This way people like you don't keep making the doctors nervous about giving the medication to the people who really need it because they're not sure whether they really need or just "experimented recreationally with painkillers ".

    Vicodin, Percocet, and others are medications that are on the rise lately and it's only getting worse.

    A large majority of the users are like yourself, someone who doesn't have a need for the meds, yet just wants to "experiment recreationally with painkillers". And yet you're asking the people of Y!A if you're building a tolerance or risking an addition, yet all you're trying to do is get the euphoria, and eventually as you build a large enough tolerance it'll take much more drug to get the same effect.

    You need to get off these pain killers and find another hobby or another way to get high. Besides the DEA is cracking down and eventually it'll catch up with you. All your doctors, whether at your local dr office, or the hospital, and the pharmacy -- they will all have records of your usage and it's going to catch up with you in no time.

    Source(s): irritated pain management patient who's sick and tired of people are use narc drugs for "experimenting recreationally with painkillers". This ticks me off more than anything else.
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    Yes you are risking addiction. hydrocodone is an opiate, like morphine. Addiction can be extremely serious and coming off it can even be life threatening. Even worse is that hydrocodone is usually mixed with another medicine such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen which can damage your liver (acetaminophen) or cause bleeding in your stomach or intestines (ibuprofen). Also another great thing about opioids, is the decrease in testosterone they cause. I would recommend staying of pain pills at all costs. I don't even take ibuprofen because I'm a firm believer that living with the pain is far better than putting some strange pharmaceutical in your body. If you must get high, smoke weed. The high is better (in my opinion; pain pills make me feel incredibly stupid) and there is absolutely no risk of overdose, the LD50 rate in rats is 42mg/kg. You simply couldn't smoke enough.

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    only the OC's are really addictive, Vicodin not so much. Vicodin covers up withdrawl from OC. Yes you are building a tolerance, yes you have formed some sort of addiction. Do you care ? If so, just take the Vikes more than the OC,s save those as an occasional treat. Ive seen too many people go down the road of OC addiction and its a sad site once it gets out of control. But really smoke more weed, I mean, its better than killing your liver over some pharms.

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