Compute Data Rate of the Human Ear?

If anyone could tell me how to do this i would really appreciate it

here is the question

Compute the data rate of the human ear from the following information. People can hear frequencies up to 22 kHz. To capture all the information in a sound signal at 22 kHz, it is necessary to sample the sound at twice that frequency, that is, at 44kHz. A 16-bit sample is probably enough to capture most of the auditory information (ie, the ear cannot distinguish more than 65,535 intensity levels).

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    The question specifies the sound must be sampled at 44kHz. That's 44,000 samples per second. The question further specifies that each sample will be 16 bits. So, 44,000 samples at 16 bits per sample equals 44,000 x 16 = 704,000 bits per second.

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