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.45 Handgun buying help?

i'm looking into buying a handgun; i'm planning on a .45 ACP. I'm interested in either a sig, smith and wesson 1911, glock, or beretta. What would the advantages/disadvantages of these guns be? i am looking to spend in the $600-800 range

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    If you are looking for a 1911 pattern .45... not all of these makers have a true 1911, some do not even have anything remotely like a 1911. You left out Colt, Remington, Springfield Armory and Rock Island Arsenal; all of which make a fine 1911. I just purchased a gently used Springfield GI, I suspect it was traded for a feeding issue, I sent it in after shooting it for a month and got it fixed under warranty, in under three weeks, including the labor Day weekend, shipping prepaid both ways and cannot fault either the service or the turn-a-round. (Four hundred bucks at a gun show.) BUT the .45 is spendy to shoot, even if you reload. Using practice ammo (Walmart mostly but whatever is on sale) I shoot up $35 to $50 of FMH every time I go to the range with Big Thunder. And the GI type sights are pretty demanding, BTW I just passed on a Rock Island .45 with "tactical" Novak type combat sights for $350.00. (The RIA frame is the basis for several custom 1911's and are a good basic pistol, the Springfireld is a little more money and I like the finish a little better.)

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