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Could you rate these artists from 1to10 with a short why?

Johnny Rivers

Jay Black

Smokey Robinson

Bobby vinton

Bobby Vee

Petula Clark

Dion Demucci

Roberta Flack

David Gates

Frankie Avalon

Tammy Wynette

Merle Haggard

Tommy Roe

12 Answers

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    I rate them all a 10 they were all very good.

    Bobby Vinton and Frankie Avalon are my best and so is Bobby Sherman which you didn't mention..

  • Snid
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    That's a lot of people!

    I don't know Jay Black or David Gates.

    Johnny Rivers, Bobby Vinton, Dion, Frankie, and Tommy I'd give 5's to. Bobby Vinton maybe a 6. Entertaining but not great singers.

    Smokey Robinson, the man with the smooth voice I'd give a 10.

    Petula Clark-6...all her songs sounded so similar.

    Roberta Flack-8...I love her voice.

    Tammy Wynette-at the risk of insulting someone I won't rate her but say too twangy for me.

    Merle Haggard-6 because he had some fun songs.

    Bobby Vee-I'd give him a ten. He has a nice voice plus I once kissed him!

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Johnny Rivers 5:Decent singer.The only song I connected with was Summer Rain.

    Jay Black:10.Next to Bill Medley:One of the strongest voices in pop.

    Smokey Robinson:10.He was Motown

    Bobby Vinton:4.Enough of the whining already.

    Bobby Vee: 7:Underated as a performer

    Petula Clark:5.Talented but not special

    Dion:10.Street corner harmonies at their best

    Roberta Flack:See Petula Clark

    Frankie Avalon: 6.Nothing special

    Tammy Wynette:5.Personal tastes.

    Merle Haggard:9.In another era his folk writings would be compared to Woody Guthrie

    Tommy Roe:1.What did the late Bill Lowery hear in this bubblegum artists music?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rivers 5

    Black Who? Is he Jay and The Americans? If so, then 9

    Robinson 6 A better businessman than a singer

    Vinton 2 He appeals to the Polish people

    Vee 3

    Clark 5

    Dion 8 He is a Christian singer now

    Flack 8

    Gates 9 but he is an arrogant jerk

    Avalon 1 How many times can you sing Venus over and over

    Wynette 1 I hate country

    Haggard 1

    Roe 2 He is too bubble gummy

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rivers: 2, Did a so-so job of Memphis,that's it

    Black: 6. Great voice with Cara Mia,when he was the the 'Americans'

    Robinson 1. Did nothing for me at all

    Vee 7. Did a few good songs

    Pet 4 Take her or leave her

    Dion 8. Liked quite a few,especially with the Belmonts

    Flack 1. Can't think of a single song I liked

    Gates 1. Most of his stuff was after my cut-off point in music

    Avalon 2. Twee girlies singer

    Wynette 6. Did some reasonable stuff and a pleasantish voice

    Haggard 5. Okay,not one of my favourite male country singers

    Roe 7. Purely on the strength of 'Sheila' I liked it and still do

  • Dinah
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Johnny Rivers [Seventh Son] -- 5 -- was good beat, easy to dance to

    Jay Black, David Gates, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard, Bobby

    vee -- don't know their music

    Smokey Robinson -- 10 -- great writer

    Bobby Vinton -- 5 -- a few hits

    Petula Clark -- [Downtown] -- 5 -- a few hits

    Dion -- 5 -- a few hits

    Roberta Flack -- 10 -- beautiful voice, lot of soul in her singing, more songs than made hits, just as beautiful

    Frankie Avalon -- 5 -- sugar pop vanilla

    Tommy Roe -- 5 -- can't remember his hit, but remember it was good

    Source(s): memory
  • 1 decade ago

    Rivers-10 The man has continued to record and still performs. He sounds even better with age.

    Black- 5 Has a nice voice but doesn't impress me as much as other artists

    Robinson-10 What can I say, undoubtedly one of those voices you recognize right off the bat. One smooth voice

    Vinton- 2 Never was much of a fan of Vinton nor of:

    Vee-2 These type of singers tried to copy one anothe so much that even their fans have gotten them mixed up

    Clark- 8 Interesting voice enjoyable to listen to

    Deon-5 He was ok, but never did much for me as a singer, though he was favored by many fans

    Flack 10- Fabulous singer another artist you recognize quickly

    Gates 10- I don't think I've ever heard anyone that comes close to this soft spoken singer.

    Avalon 2- same as Vee and Vinton copycat sounds to me

    Wynette 2- She had the hits, but she sang through her nose, which sort of irritated me listening to her.

    Haggard-2 I'm not a fan of the old style country music. I don't feel he was all that exceptional in his singing. Just my opinion though

    Roe- 2- To me, a sappy singer,nice voice, but nothing special

  • 1 decade ago

    They all had some good music, but the only one who gets a 10, in my book, is Smokey. The only one who gets a 1 is Tommy Roe, bland, bland, bland. The rest are all in between. Although, I've got to admit, I can't really say about Merle and Tammy, country music not being my favorite genre.

  • 1 decade ago

    The first three, I've never heard them sing.

    8- love Blue Velvet

    10- I love so many of his songs

    4- don't like her voice

    Haven't heard the other three

    100+- I love Frankie Avalon. He's the perfect example of an American Idol. I'm probably one of the few 19 year olds who got kissed by him in this era. And I did!!!! I went to a concert of his and he signed my scrapbook and kissed me!!!

    Haven't heard the other three.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Smokey, 10

    Merle, 10

    Tammy, 10

    Bobby Vinton, 5

    Roberta Flack, 10

    Frankie Avalon was a musician? 0

    Those are the only ones I know

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