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Birth Certificate different last name than Social Security Card due to Adoption Help?



When I was born my mother was married to "Joe Smith", hence my last name on my birth certificate is "Smith". After my mother divorced "Joe Smith" she married a fellow named "Rich Adams". Thus, she took the last name "Adams". Then, I was legally adopted by my mothers now-husband, "Rich Adams", and my last name was changed to "Adams". However, my birth certificate still says "Smith", and my social security card says "Adams" due to the legal adoption.

QUESTION 1: Does anyone know how I am to go about obtaining a birth certificate because of the last name difference between my social security number and my birth certificate?

Also, might I mention, my mother has NO FORMS on the matter. The only thing I have is my social security card which has stayed in my possession.

QUESTION 2: I will have to order a new birth certificate, which leads me to question number TWO, how will I obtain a new birth certificate without any identification showing my last name was "Smith".

QUESTION 3: If you cannot help me, do you know where I can go to see professional help on the matter? Is there a place to go to have a consultation with someone in FL government or someone within the birth certificate department?

Thank anyone who has read and dedicated a thought or two about my situation, I will greatly appreciate a serious helpful answer.

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    If Mr Adams legally adopted you, you should have an ammended birth certificate reflecting sure are you that he actually adopted you? Do you recall a court hearing? If you do, or even if you dont for that matter, you should be able to research this through the courts, it should be fairly easy to verify that an adoption took place. Chances are that your mum just switched over to you using your step dads surname. Try applying for your birth certificate using your social security card as ID.

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    1.) Do you have a US ID? And do you have your mother's maiden name and the name of both adoptive and biological father. I am not sure if they will give you the Original Birth Certificate or the Amended Birth Certificate. I might help if your parents went with you. Or it is easier to order it by mail or on the internet but I'd have to get the info from my Aunt through my father (that's how they got my brother's birth certificate) When I got around to getting my son's birth certificate all I needed was his date of birth and both parents name and an state ID or marriage certificate. It cost about $35

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    I don't have the answer, but wanted to let you know that I have a very similar situation to you, and have no been able to find resolution.

    My parents were unmarried when I was born. Mother's maiden name is on my birth cert. They married shortly after-father's last name is on my SS card.

    No paper work to show the link between the two people who seem to exist-birth cert me and ss me.

    As a result, I can't get a passport, ID problems, etc.

    I wish you luck.

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    Pick up the phone and call Vital Statistics. Look under the government section of the phone book (or google it) and look under Vital Statistics or Florida Health and Environment.

    Considering that all birth certificates must be issued from Vital Statistics, they will have a copy of your amended birth certificate. This might just be a case of your step father legally adopting you, but not ever getting around to legally changing your name. Or perhaps your mom thought it would be better for you to keep your birth name. I am assuming you asked her. Did she have a reasonable explanation?

    Either way, all you have to do is call vital statistics and ask how to get one. You could probably even just go to their web site. Google Florida Vital Statistics.


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    Social Security Disability Form -

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