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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 10 years ago

just took in 2-3 week old kitten....need help with problem with fecal matter stuck to her tail :(?

someone found her in a parking lot...she was in a box with a towel and they needed someone to take her, so i decided it was my duty (having found 3 teeny babies in my yard 2 1/2 years ago and raised them all kept one and found homes for the other two..used the kitty formula until they were old enuff to wean and all went well...SO, this new one's eyes are open, appears to have been well fed (not thin) and assumed only away from her mom within hours of the person having found, she is eating the same kitty formula very nicely, only taking 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon each feeding until she rejects it...have found that she is urinating on her own, but not defecating (that i have noticed) BUT the bigger problem is that when i brought her home i noticed that her tail from halfway down to the end seemed hard and matted...upon closer inspection, i assumed this to me dried fecal matter that the mother did not clean, i decided to bathe her tail..well, that was not an easy feat as she put up a big fuss and i was really unable to get any of it loosened up enough to, i thought i was doing her a favor and tugged at it and a strip of it AND and skin tore right away from the skin leaving about an inch long bare/raw spot where the dried clump was...this totally freaked me out, so i got out some triple anti-biotic ointment and slathered her entire tail with it...bandaging did not work, so i have left it uncovered and keep reapplying the salve about 4 times a day...the redness has gone from the spot, but its still raw and ugly but assume hair will grow back, yet the other stuck areas are still hard, but maybe the salve portion of the anti-b will help to soften it up in a couple of weeks or so, enough to wash off? does anyone know if what i am doing is good enough without the vet's intervention as i really do not have the money for south florida vets and i just wanted to help and now i am praying i did not do some terrible harm to her..she seems very well acclimated to me already and even my maltese who hangs out as she is sleeping in his bed (the only one basket with a high enuff side for her to not easily climb out of although i have twice found her on the floor when i woke up so she must have climbed and then fallen to the tile floor but shows no sign of injury...the fecal problem is the main thing now and is the anti-b good enough to keep infection from setting in since i did open the area when i pulled it off and the raw skin was uncovered...i pray this did not hurt her as she did not react and it did not was sorta like what i imagine skinning to be like and i felt so bad...please email is she has been with us for 1 1/2 days and appears to be thriving, so i hope someone has some good suggestions for me and little "ilsa" or "twitch" :)

thanx so much in advance,


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  • 10 years ago
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    Get some scissors and keep them next to where you sit. When "Twitch" or "Ilsa" comes to sleep in your lap, GENTLY / SLOWLY raise her tail enough to see the dried "matter", and trim it off with your scissors. Be very careful.....don't "nip" her skin. If shes' good asleep, she'll never know what you're doing........

    Keep on with the antibacterial ointment ( much better than "cream" ), and she should heal just fine. If you can't cut the "mattered" fur off of her tail, rub some vaseline into it, to soften......then, once it's softer ( may take a couple of days to get soft enough ), GENTLY wipe it off with a WARM, WET CLOTH........

    Hope this helps........Good luck with the baby........GOOD JOB, taking her in.......

    Source(s): 50+yrs kittens, cats ( 11 indoor,spayed & neutered ) / "issues"
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  • 10 years ago

    You're a nice person to take her in...

    Uum I would freak out too if i were in your place.. youll have to be carefull because the fecal matter can infect the open sore...and you cannot give her too much of anti biotics either or she'll get diarrohea.

    You said she's behaving well so that's usuallyu a good sign...i suggest to wait a few days and see if the wound heals and lower the anti biotics dose when you do see improvement...if there is no improvement in the next 4 days should take her to the vet. and dont let her lick her tail... keep it uncovered, but youll have to keep an eye on her.. about the fecl matter....if her hair is the person above said use baby oil to prise it out...and half way at a safe distance gently cut it out.

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  • 10 years ago

    i would if it was me cut fur back and when she go use baby wipes on her bun if u put cream on it u are really got a mess her fur the cream will cleam put antiseptic dusting it u see i found a 5 week kitten in my garden 3 weeks a go some one throw her over my wall because i help with a,s,p,c,a out by foser them on till they get homes for them and she have poo ,half the garden stuck in her coat i did the same thing trying to cut the knocks out and put cream on till this day i m still take them out now because of the cream i put on back let the air at it that i did not say because of what they did her right paw have die have to wait till she is a little older to remove it i called her misty and she is so cute long hair kitten the other are short hair thank god she look like do u know the rag doll cats and kittens well that what is is the girl next door has one and misty look the same but not the same colours daker

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  • Raid
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    10 years ago

    Truthfully I could not read your entire question, so let me answer the question in the header. Use baby oil to loosen up the dried fecal matter on her tail. You sound like a great person for taking in a kitten though; good luck!

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  • 10 years ago

    Deal with this often at work get some rubber gloves and a bucket put warm water in bucket put on the gloves and soak the kittens rear in the warm water and slowly work on the dried fecal matter until it is removed.

    Source(s): uri cat specialist humane society
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