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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Why are people so ignorant of Wicca?

Some wannabe politico dabbled in Satan worship years ago & now all Wiccans are devil worshipping. What nonsense!


I'm enjoying the answers, but Wicca isn't "new" on the religious scene. Christianity stole pagan beliefs in order to get people in the church. For example, the best we can figure, Jesus was a Pisces. Dec. 25 was usurped by Christmas, which fell around the Solstice.

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    People tend to be ignorant of religions outside of the abrahamic traditions simply because most people adopt the religion of their culture without question or research. Unfortunately, the vast majority of christians know little or nothing about their own religion and what little they know they gleaned in between snoozes while attending a Sunday sermon. Since people are the same the world over, the assumption is that the same applies to adherents of Islam and Judaism as well.

    Christianity in particular which is the religion of the majority in the US, specifically warns against any research or inquiry into other religions. It routinely tells its adherents that such "illegal" activity opens them up to possession by demonic forces. This in large part is enough to frighten the vast majority of sheep into huddling in the corner of the pen under the watchful eye and protective staff of their shepherd.

    Lastly, not only is wicca a new arrival on the religious scene, generally speaking its adherents do not proselytize or "spread the word". Wiccans believe that people are drawn to the wiccan path not lead by the nose. In other words, it teaches personal responsibility. If an individual is not willing to seek wicca out, then they have failed the first test of responsibility. For these reasons, factual information about wicca tends to lie on or under the surface and is easily covered up by anti-wiccan propaganda bellowed from the pulpit or fictionalized wicca spewing from Hollywood or pulp fiction.

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    That's the law of the land for people who go against the grain of what society wants us to be.

    Wicca is a nature based religion, and empowers the individual to connect with the world around them.

    People should be encouraging religious freedom and offer knowledge to those who except the mainstream views about something.

    I agree it is utter nonsense, and actually students at my school are recommended on taking The History of Wicca and also, Wicca Today : What is Wicca.

    Source(s): Over 15 years or practice, and teaching other Wiccans.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Stargirl:- A lot of individuals are mindful of what Wicca believes in. I consider the query is extra why is it that Christians hold misportray Wicca even if they understand the lessons. That is considering that Christians by means of their very nature are not able to seem past their scriptures. To be a Christian first and important they ought to receive their God as bonded within the scriptures and are not able to in besides deviate from that an excessive amount of. As a influence Wicca being whatever outside to the scriptures and being a faith that encourages wondering and exploration is in lots of experience anathema to them. Also Wicca's inspiration of deity and the Christian inspiration of deity is rather extraordinary. In Wicca the Gods are visible as courses and lecturers. The intent for that is considering that Wicca ( like Hellenismos ) believes that the soul of an character is blessed and by means of its very nature Divine and includes sparks and essence of the God. As a influence we feel that the soul dances in time with the Gods and the Gods simply consultant us to notice this and aid us alongside our religious evolution. Christians feel that their God is sort of a grasp who regulations from up prime and his rule and decree must be obeyed in an unquestioned method. The Christians feel that the souls are fallen and profane and depraved and evil ( at the same time Hellenist and Wiccans feel that the souls are blessed and adored and divine ). Therefore they discover it anathema that we don't "post" to the Gods however as a substitute "honor" the Gods.

  • 6 years ago

    Wicca is a very old religion, WAAY older than Christianity. No Christian will consider your claim that Christians know very little about their religion. Christianity is founded on extensive, prayerful study and meditation on the WORD of GOD in the HOLY BIBLE, listening to the teaching of JESUS CHRIST's HOLY GHOST and studying why it is the only way to Heaven and why we have dominion to cast devils out of people even online and how to bind all of the powers of even the strongest of whitces, destroy the spirits working in and around them and bring them into freedom and the path to Heaven. MOST Wiccans have very little understanding of the true nature of their religion, in that all "works" involved spiritual entities, rejected by or rejecting of the King of Heaven, JESUS CHRIST the LORD.

    Source(s): Ex-Magick Practicer, ex-Metaphysical instructor, ex-Necromancer, HOLY GHOST fire baptized ordained Elder of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, Pastor ordained in Heaven by JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, and seasoned devil killer
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