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Why dont the bbc news tell the truth about israels killings and war crimes,stop saying israels the victim?


Not what the jeruselem post said the bbc were totall biased to israel and said people should complain for the lie they tell us

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    Jimmy are you blind.? The death rate is 1 Israeli to 100 Palestinians Take Gaza as an example 14 Israelis killed compared to 1,400 Palestinians and don't come up with that old usual excuse about Hamas rockets . In 2008 Israel and Hamas had a ceasefire which lasted 4 months until Israel broke that ceasefire. How can Israel justify the indiscriminate killings of 350 babies and young children. Where they terrorists in your eyes ?. Even today they shot a fisherman dead simply for straying outside the fishing zone. Is that Israeli justice.? Can you support actions such as that I can't and never will. Israel is an evil state and must be brought to trial .

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    The first answer is spot on. I would of said the BBC, if anything , was pro Palestinian. The BBC I watch spells out very clearly the actions of Israel.

  • Maya R
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    It is my perception that the BBC is very pro Palestine and while not being anti Israel has never portrayed it as the victim.

  • Anonymous
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    Ask the THOUSANDS of Israeli citizens (including many children) who have been killed over the years by terrorists.

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