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What American companies did business with Hitler during WW2?

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    Here ar a few Links that include SKF of Philadelphia who supplied german with Ball bearings from 1907

    to the present day WITHOUT A BREAK

    and these Ball bearings were Lubricated By Standard OIL up to 1945

    Lets not Forget the US owned company of IG Farben who built a Petrochemical company to manufacture synthetic Oil Rubber and Fuel from coal at Buna in Poland where the SS built Auschwitz to supply slave labour to run the Factory

    the Formula's used came from Standard Oil and Du Pont

    Ford was Given Germanys Highest Award for the Efficency of Ford factorys in Germany who built hitlers Cars and Trucks up to 1945

    and the ford Motor company Like GM sued the American government for the damage to their factories in Germany and won millions in compensation

    and the USA claims they won the war they started and Made the UK pay with Lend lease

    Source(s): Retired Warrant Officer who served in germany after WW2
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    Henry Ford personally sponsored several things in the Nazi programme before the war. Up to the declaration of war a large number of U.S.A. companies were doing business - there were several problems with the Royal Navy blockade ships intercepting USA shipping with deliveries for Germany.

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    According to an article I read Coca Cola continued doing business in Germany until Hitler seized the company. Actually this is how the Fanta pop series was born. For more details check out

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    Too numerous to list, probably, even if you want 'major' companies as you would have to define the category.

    IBM's initial card-based sorting (computing system later came from this) machinery was used for population control and in deciding who belonged to what racial group.

    Source(s): Edwin Black, IBM and the Holocaust.
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    Ford and General Motors

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