What happen to my ABN registration?

Australian Business Number

I registered yesterday and submitted my application online.

However, I did not received any e-mail notification.

It has not arrived yet, I'm getting a bit worried.

Is it possible to check online, what happened to my registration?

I noted the receipt no. so as the password I used.

I have to register just for a contract job, house keeping for a hotel.

Why do they have to ask for an ABN instead of TFN?

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    9 years ago
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    An ABN is required for all businesses and I assume you are working under contract for the hotel, so if you do not have an ABN, your employer is able to withhold the maximum tax, around 48%. Your TFN is your personal tax reference number and shouldn't be shared too carelessly. As a finance broker, I am obliged to hide all TFN before I lodge a client's application to a lender. As far as your ABN application is concerned your can conduct a search at http://www.abr.business.gov.au/%281ec41e55qurwngau... Just enter your business name and it should come up. If it hasn't been approved yet contact the ATO to get an update on your application. Good luck.

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