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Where can I buy a dress for a Alice in Wonderland costume?

After looking threw many Alice costumes I've decided to make my own, the thing is I don't know where to begin looking for a dress to make it out of. I'm looking for a classic style Alice in Wonderland dress, not something that looks like the 'sexy' Alice dresses I've been seeing a lot of. Also, could I get away with sewing a skirt to a top? If so, what style of skirt should I get? Thanks for the help!

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    Simplicity patterns has just released an Alice in wonderland costume pattern: This one is a very classic 1800's style dress, not a "sexy Alice" dress at all and it will make up into the classic blue Alice dress. Use a simple blue cotton for the dress and perhaps a white embroidered cotton (like the kind sold for kitchen curtains) for the apron and apron bib. You can buy embroidered and gathered white cotton ruffles at many fabric stores to trim the dress and the apron. It's really not too difficult and much of what you need should be readily available at a fabric store. You might find exactly what you need a stores that sells drapery and home decor fabrics, or at one that sells quilting fabrics. The dress in the pattern site is made with what appears to be a quilting print.

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    try local thrift stores/vintage shops, also if you're decent at sewing go to a fabric store and get scrap or some bits of other fabrics that you can put together to make your own.

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    pretty much any Halloween store!

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