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What do you think Massive raid executed on East Texas compound?

JACKSONVILLE — Authorities reported a large Federal Bureau of Investigations raid on a ranch complex outside Henderson early Wednesday morning. According to preliminary reports, the suspect, Victor Hernandez Jr., is alleged to be involved with violent drug cartels from Mexico.

Special Weapons and Tactics teams procured a warrant and raided the compound unannounced due to suspected trafficking of drugs, assault rifles and prostitutes, officials stated. At least one was arrested following the raid.

Officials stated Hernandez is accused of supplying cartels with assault rifles and trafficking millions of dollars of drugs. Authorities are also looking into allegations false Social Security cards and U.S. Immigration green cards were sold at the location.

Hernandez is believed to be a major supplier of illegal drugs in the state and authorities stated it is also believed he, and possibly his family, used government assistance by food stamps to buy items and sell them for cash.

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    I think there is more of that out there. I also think that all those hide-a-ways in Louisiana have a booming business in the same vein. Port Arther, Texas was notorious for a very long time for pretty raggedy law enforcement, and pretty ugly conduct. It sounds good though.

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    The problem with the FLDS is that they do not allow free agency and the freedom of choice. Members are coerced to participate and cannot "opt out" if they choose. To get out, they have to run away. That, and the involvement of such young children is also extremely wrong. Those are two big differences between the FLDS and the mainstream LDS. Back in the 1800's when the LDS practiced it, polygamy was only practiced by a select few, and they had the choice to do it or not. If they did not, they were not excommunicated or ostracized. Additionally, there were no sexual intercourse with under-aged girls. Those involved were women who either could not marry or had no other means of support.

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    I agree with Joel W.

    There are a lot more out there, and we need to start seeing a LOT more raids like this if we hope to make more than a token difference.

    Source(s): Amnesty= Civil War.
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    I love to hear stories like this. Keep them coming!!!

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