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Help with grade 9 math? polynomials?

I have a math quiz tomorrow on polynomials and im stuck. I really have no idea what anything means.

7x^2y^3 - 6x^2y+y^2 is one of the things in our math textbook and i have no idea what to do. also, what is numerical coefficient and degree mean?

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    From the looks of the problem you have, you have to combine like terms to simplify the expression; however, none of the polynomials can be simplified any further. Nevertheless, we can factor the expression:

    7x²y³-6x²y+y² = [x²·(7y²-6)+y)]·y = x²·(7y³-6y)+y²

    A numerical coefficient is a multiplicative factor in polynomials and monomials. Ex: In y = n·x², n is the coefficient of the polynomial.

    The word "degree" has many meanings in mathematics; however, speaking in relative terms to polynomials, a degree is essentially the exponent. Ex: in y = n·x², 2 is the degree of the polynomial.

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    The coefficient is the number in front of the letter (variable, x or y). For instance, 7 is the coefficient of x^2y^3.

    The degree is what number (exponent) the variable is raised to.

    since each term contains a y, then you can take a y out of each term:. Since you are taking a y out of each term, then the degree is reduced by 1:


    y^0 = 1, so you can omit that term

    y^1 = y



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  • 3 years ago

    in the experience that your parentheses are in the suited places, then all you incredibly could do is multiply the final 2 words first: (2)(4) = 8 Then all you do is distribute the 8 into the words in parenthesis: (4 + x)(8) = 4(8) +x(8) = 32 + 8x. it is it.

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