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Why do I hear a wheezing noise comes out when I perform waist twists and other upper body twists?

When i twist the upper half of my body like for exercising or turning my upper half of my body to reach something i get a strange feeling in my throat and chest. It does not cause pain.A small noise comes out like if I were to breathe out very softly and will do that even if I'm already breathing out, and in, but if I hold my breath I cannot hear it. It does it in other positions as well...what could it be? I am 16 years old, I have never smoked and I dont do drugs..I odn't know if it is exercise-induced asthma, or jsut asthma. ( My twin brother has asthma, and my mother also has asthma.) I ahve always been in a good physical condition, and don't, as far as I know, have asthma. I am not ill, either. What could this noise be?

Thanks in advance

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    It's probably air being squeezed out of your lungs.

    "Under normal circumstances, humans inhale and exhale about one pint (475 milliliters) of air in each cycle. Only about three-quarters of this air reaches the alveoli. The rest of the air remains in the respiratory tract. Regardless of the volume of air breathed in and out, the lungs always retain about 2.5 pints (1200 milliliters) of air. This residual air keeps the alveoli and bronchioles partially filled at all times. "

    When you have breathed out normally use your abdomainal muscles to force some of the residual air out.

    You will hear a similar soft sound.

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    Hi I have the same problem is like 4 month I found it!! I ask a friends they don't have the same my doctor give inhaler like azma I think he don't know I thinks is not normal I never had before this :(

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