Good costume ideas for a tween/teen girl?

I want a good costume for Halloween. I don't want anything to slutty. I kind of want to have something funny. I don't want anything real little kiddy, like a fairy.


I want something original and cute, but i don't want to look like a 7 year old.

Update 2:

lol! i was a punk rocker last year.

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  • 9 years ago
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    1)you could do an emo/punk fairy. (two Two from Clair's shorts underneath with knee high socks so it's not slutty longsleve shirt dark makeup and you can use that washable hair dye(spray on or whatever) hair mascara is also kind neat

    2) you could be a fridge! all yu would need would be a box

    3)go as a Guy. tonnes of guys go as girls but I have never seen a girl go as a guy. It would be awesome

    4) a nerd. where you dad's tie hike up your pants be creative.

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  • 9 years ago

    Napoleon Dynatmite.

    Barack Obama xD

    A Picket Fence

    A bag of Popcorn.

    a moose.

    (I'm starting just to think off the top of my head now)

    an ice cream cone.

    a bleeding, dying jonas brother (or any disney star)

    a powerpuff girl xD

    a car.

    santa claus.

    sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

    a banana.

    a clown (**Shivers at fear of clowns**)

    a telephone.

    chuck norris

    Amy Winehouse

    a tree.

    I'm really running out of stuff now.

    A chicken

    A lamb looking for Mary...

    a witch

    a gnome (chilin with mah gnomies, man!)

    a cucumber...

    alright, thats all i got for now.

    I may edit this with more...

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  • 9 years ago

    maybe ..... princess fiona/shrek or perhaps like little bo beep or spongebob squarepants, ghostbusters

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  • 9 years ago

    snooki from jersy shore

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