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? asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

WWF Royal rumble Plz rate show and tell who eliminates who.?

Promo 1- The commentators"The king and JR" Announce All the madness that it took to get to the rumble They also announce that their will be 3 TITLE MATCHES and of course the rumble.There Will be wildcard entries to the rumble as well.Superstars who didnt win qualifying matches but still get rewarded due to efforts in their qualifyiers.

Match 1- Mark HEnry from the nation vs 123 KId.. For the intercontenental title.

Results .Marc Henry wins,

Match 2- "Tag team title match" Demolition vs The Nasty Boys

Results.Demolition wins.

Promo 2- Sid viscous cuts a promo for the world title match.

Match 3- Sid vs Savio vega for the title..

Results:Sid rulles the world.

Match 4- The royal rumble.Wildcards are ".

Order of entries.

1.Randy Savage


4.Scotty Riggs.

5.Bret Hart


7.Ric Martel

8.Simon Dean

9.Doink the Clown

10.Stone Cold

11."dlo Brown"


13."Marc Henry"

14.the Undertaker


16.Henry Godwin


18.Papa Shango

19.Stone Cold







26.Willam Regal

27.Mr Perfect

28.Taka Michinoku


30.Razor Ramon.

Results Mankind wins


4 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Kane eliminates Doink the Clown

    Mankind eliminates Ax

    Stone Cold eliminates Smash

    Stone Cold eliminates Meng

    Kane eliminates Farooq

    Razor Ramon eliminates Simon Dean

    Razor Ramon eliminates D'Low Brown

    Mankind eliminates Ric Martel

    Shawn Michaels eliminates William Regal

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Taka Michinoku

    Shawn Micahels eliminates Vader

    Kane eliminates Henry Godwin

    Bret Hart eliminates Vampiro

    Bret Hart eliminates Goldust

    Bret Hart eliminates Razor Ramon

    Mr. Perfect eliminates DDP

    Mr. Perfect eliminates Papa Shango

    Mankind eliminates Crush

    Mankind eliminates Scotty Rigs

    Randy Savage eliminates Kane

    Randy Savage eliminates Raven

    Undertaker eliminates Randy Savage

    Underta/ker eliminates Mr. Perfect

    Bret Hart eliminates Undertaker

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Bret Hart

    Shawn Michaels eliminates Stone Cold

    Mankind eliminates Shawn Michaels

    Good pay-per-view

    Rating: 9/10

  • 1 decade ago

    Order of eliminations

    1. Randy Savage eliminates Ax

    2. Randy Savage eliminates faroqq

    3. Bret Hart and Randy Savage eliminate Scotty Riggs

    4. Bret Hart eliminates Crush

    5. Simon Dean eliminates doink the Clown

    6. Stone Cold eliminates Simon dean

    7. Stone Cold eliminates Ric Martel

    8. D-Lo Brown eliminates Raven

    9. Stone cold eliminates D-Lo Brown

    10. "Meng" eliminates Henry Godwin

    11. The Undertaker eliminates Stone Cold and Bret Hart

    12. Randy Savage eliminates The Undertaker

    13. Kane eliminates Mark Henry

    14. Kane eliminates Papa Shango

    15. Kane eliminates Randy Savage

    16. Kane eliminates Stone Cold

    17. Kane eliminates DDP

    18. Mankind eliminates Goldust

    19. Kane eliminates Vampiro

    20. HBK eliminates Kane

    21. HBK eliminates Taka Michinoku

    22. Vader eliminates Smash and William Regal

    23. Razor Ramon eliminates Mr.Perfect

    24. HBK eliminates Razor Ramon

    25. Mankind eliminates HBK

  • aburto
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    4 years ago

    undesirable! Who might pay to be certain an experience that good factors the likes of Savio Vega and The Nasty Boys? those fatso's of course have not taken benefit of my patented, Simon device.

  • 1 decade ago

    YOU FAIL Idiot

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