What is the thing you put in the end of a trumpet?

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    Your mouth!! :-D (Depending on which end you're talking about . . . hee!)

    Source(s): Retired Percussionist
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    If the music calls for it, trumpet players will place a device called a mute into the open end of the trumpet, but it is not an obligatory piece of equipment.

    As its name suggests, it has the effect of dampening the sound of the instrument, but different types can be used for different effects:

    - Straight mute: the most common type. Can be used to great effect in fortissimo passages also

    - Cup mute: produces the 'jazz' sound

    - Harmon/'Wa-wa' mute: often used for comical effect (think cartoons!)

    - Whispa mute: the softest mute; can produce almost inaudible sounds

    - Solotone mute: produces a sound similar to that of a gramophone

    - Bucket mute: produces a very soft and mellow tone

    Source(s): Samuel Adler's book 'The Study Of Orchestration' is great for more information on this subject
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    A trumpet player.

    Sorry, you must know you were asking for it. You already got the real answer. Cheapest mute is a toilet plunger, preferably unused. They are available at your local 99 cent store. Please don't ask how much it will cost.

  • A mute

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    I can't believe you asked this it could be open to some ridicule.

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    its called a mute

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    your mouth

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    a bung?

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