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What to wear for a JROTC Military Ball?

Me and my boyfriend are in high school (we're freshman) and he's in JROTC. Their ball is coming up soon and I have no clue what type of dress to wear.. can someone give me some ideas? I don't want to under-dress myself, but then again, I don't want to overdress either..

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    all military balls are formal ordeals, real military or not. dress your best. and when he joins the military later, wear something that has removable pieces(eg. a dress with a sweater or something like that) so when everyone starts having fun, you can take a piece off. but FORMAL, very very formal

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    nicely you have the prefer to make it a fashion longer , it relatively is a ideal social accumulating so it relatively is extremely helpful to circulate with a ball gown that hits the floor and intense heels ( any length ) perhaps even 6 in in case you are able to stroll in them . in case you do win and circulate on degree with a gown that short anybody will would desire to bow there head ( and not because of the fact your queen ) lol , so yea , don't be apprehensive , it relatively is greater formal then say homecoming the place all the ladies are wearing amazing little short outfits .

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    Think prom

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