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Question about Illinois Unemployment Benefits?

I had applied for unemployment insurance on 8/20/10, the day I stopped working. I was entitled to 72 weeks of benefits @ 78.00 per week, per a consultation at the IDES office. This is including a dependent income @ 26.00 per week.

Now, my question is, it is now nearing the end of September. I have certified every week on Tuesday, as outlined in the paperwork they had sent. I have not received ANY benefits to date. When I called the IDES numbers, after hours of being put on hold, and explained my situation to an agent, they told me I am being further investigated and will not receive benefits until it's cleared.

What does this mean? I am in the system as a single mother who receives AllKids and SNAP benefits. Does this not relay over to them?! I have no money to even buy diapers and had to put up my car title to cover rent and everyday expenses. When can I expect to receive these benefits?

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    Sounds like your employer is contesting the unemployment, probably based on the reason you are no longer working there. It might turn out OK.

    But the 72 weeks is probably not in the cards. The first 26 weeks, assuming this initial question gets cleared up, should be OK. And that would expire just before the end of November so you should be able to qualify for one extension of 20 more weeks if you meet all of the criteria. But after than, unless something changes, you wouldn't be able to apply for additional extensions. Under what's currently been passed, no more extensions are available to start after Nov. 30 this year.

    Without talking to someone at unemployment to ask what's going on, no way to guess when benefits might start.

    Good luck - I hope you find another job very soon.

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