Does anyone out there make money with Amazon aStore or other affiliate marketing? If so can you teach me?

I want to learn how to do affiliate marketing using google adwords or something of that nature. I have seen some websites for sale recently but am afraid to commit to purchasing one because they could easily be a scam. So I figured, why not learn on my own. I am not looking to "get rich quick", I just want some extra income. An example would be an Amazon affiliate site where all the products on my website are just links to products already sold on Amazon and when someone clicks from my site to Amazon and buys something I get a commission.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    It is very possible to make money off of affiliate marketing.

    First thing though, I highly recommend against using adwords when you're first starting out. Google Adwords is PPC marketing and is one of the more difficult and costly methods. It is really easy to screw up with it and when you do, you can end up losing quite a bit of money.

    I'm glad you recognize and are not looking to "get rich quick." A lot of marketers fall for scams because this is what they aim for. You need to work and put in time and effort to earn profits.

    There are a bunch of ways to go about affiliate marketing and a few of them are actually free. These include article marketing and video marketing. You can actually submit articles about a product on sites like squidoo, which don't cost a thing to write. Or you could create a video review of products on sites like YouTube.

    That being said, there is a right and wrong way to go about your approaches. The difference is why some people profit well off their ventures while others see there attempts collecting dust. A site that really helped me out is 404 reviews.

    They have a guide book that talks about everything to do with internet marketing. They tell you what to look out for in terms of scams and potential costly pitfalls. They tell you important details such as what to keep in mind and how to connect with your audience but the best thing of all is that they talk about methods. I don't just mean a mere mention of them. They go into great detail explaining a bunch of information about various techniques, how they work, and a step by step guide of how to implement each and every one of them. It's really a great book and it helped me out a lot.

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    If you want pretty good examples of affiliate marketing follow the posts of above each link is a referral they may be making money when you click on it or maybe not. But that's how it should go smooth. You may get a benefit out of the information at the links posted but nonetheless you walk away with good information and they walk away with a small profit for referring you over!

    Good education right there : ) That's how you have to approach affiliate marketing. Understand something really well and enlighten others who don't have time nor mental ability to do it.

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    I have never made money with affiliate marketing. It is not blogging, but can certainly be intergrated into a blog. Affiliate marketing is linking to items such as from amazon to your website. If someone buys an item from amazon that came from your site, you get a percentage of that sale. So you have to aggressively advertise your site in order for people to come to it. Then it's up to the person to actually complete a purchase.

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    Hey Blair, there are lots of good affiliate programmes out there & some bad ones! I've tried most of them but only really had good results with a few:

    Clickbank > < and;

    The Second Tier > < are my favourites!

    Clickbank is HUGE and a lot of people make a lot of ca$h from promoting their products.

    But be warned it doesn't happen over night! It takes a lot of non-paid, blood, sweat & tears to get started. The on-site training isn't what it could be, your kinda left to your own devices here.

    That's why I love The Second Tier cos their traning is second to none & FREE!

    All the Best, Robbie

    p.s you can get a FREE website from > <

    p.p.s DON'T try adwords until you've had some training of some sort! It's not as easy as it looks!

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    There are many ways to make money online, by selling other people's property like: amazon, clicbank, ebay. or install the loop of people on the website that we have and we get a commission: google adsense, Chitika, bidvertiser, adbrite. to bring traffic visitors, we can advertise to searchengine like google adwords, yahoo, msn etc.

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