which phone to buy...?

Either a NOKIA 7230


Sony Ericcson Zylo

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    Nokia 7230:::::

    The Nokia 7230 is a stylish slider phone aimed at the lower to mid-range market. For such a low cost phone there are a good range of features packed into the compact device. The phone runs on the S40 OS and has integrated Facebook, Flickr and Ovi Share as well as Nokia Messaging. With 3G support web browsing is easily accessible along with email client and Nokia Maps.

    The 7230 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera with video record to take reasonable snaps, FM radio and a media player with support for a number of file formats. There is also a useful 3.5mm audio jack for standard headphones. The phones memory is expandable up to 16GB so file storage shouldn’t be a problem.

    Although the Nokia 7230 isn’t the most high tech phone on the market it is a great looking device with some decent features for web browsing, music and photography. For such a low cost handset it is sure to be a popular Nokia.

    Sony Ericsson Zylo::::::

    The Sony Ericsson Zylo has social networking at its heart and includes a Walkman player for enhanced audio quality. Facebook and Twitter come pre-loaded to get you to the latest wall updates and tweets quickly and easily. Web browsing with HSPA offers a speedy browsing experience with Google Search to help you find the information you need.

    The 3.2 megapixel camera features Photo fix, 2x digital zoom and geo-tagging. You can post your snaps on Picasa and Flickr to share the moment with family and friends. The camera can also capture video clips and the pre-loaded YouTube application allows you to upload your clips or view a huge variety of other videos.

    The walkman player features shake control, Clear Stereo and Clear Bass to make the most of your music. Listen to your favourite tracks out loud or enjoy stereo sound on a Bluetooth headset. The internal memory can be expanded up to 16GB so you can carry your music collection with you.

    Entertainment options include a FM Radio with RDS, video player and video streaming. All message options are included with SMS, MMS, Email and instant messaging.

    The best::::: Sony Ericsson Zylo....

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    Sony ericson zylo

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