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Ada: the programming language?

I wished to get a good understanding of the Ada. It is not a modern programming language, I know, but still I want to learn it up to a good extent.

wikipedia explanation:

I need resources. like:

1. compiler (any IDE available?)

2. tutorial

3. samples

and such.

thank you guys very much in advance.

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  • Ciaron
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    Ada is actually a modern programming language many of the features it uses are ahead of C++ and the various other languages. The thing is that the language was defined before there was even a compiler for it and the early compilers were to say the least terrible.

    I had the delights of the Merdian Adavantage compiler which was a buggy inconsistent and awkward compiler to use however I found I could write code in Ada far faster and with fewer mistakes than C or C++. The fact that Ada is based on Pascal means that it is a lot more understandable than C, C++, Java and C# .

    As a strongly typed language it is actually more reliable than C++ which is why it used for military application and Aerospace, fly by wire systems and air traffic control systems are written in Ada and Ada skills are very much in demand especially in the United States.

  • Yan
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    I had to learn ada at uni and have never used it since (note ada's primary use is the us military thought there slowly coming round to more modern langauges), are you sure you wan to learn ada? you wouldnt prefer a more usable languages like java or c#?

    well if i cant convince you here is some info.

    When I learned ada we were using a modern upgrade of it called ada 95, there are tons fo free compilers out there just type it in too google i include some in my source links

    Tutorial will be more tricky, as it is not a poplutar language, I would suggest buying a reference book, as these will provide you with both sources and samples.

    by the way if you really want to learn a obscure language why not try cobal atleast theres plenty of jobs out there?

    one final request please just let ADA Die a death its a terrible langauge.

    good luck

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