What is this thin red line that is on my screen whenever my computer is on?

There is a very thin red line going from the top of my computer screen to the bottom, and is always there if the screen is on. I have tried to restart the computer, but it didn't go away. My boyfriend's brother said something about a video card problem, but I'd like a second opinion, and a way to fix it please?


Since I am using a laptop, I just reversed what you said and plugged a monitor to the laptop and there was no red line on the second monitor. That means its just a monitor issue, right? If it is just a monitor issue of dead pixles, will it spread?

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  • 9 years ago
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    LCD panels like the one in your laptop address the pixels by using an electrical X-Y matrixing system, just like the X-Y points on graph paper in an old math class. What has probably happened is that one entire column of pixels is stuck on red because the contact point for addressing that column has failed. Single dead pixels are common, and occur when one individual LCD pixel fails to respond. If it's a single-pixel-wide red line from top to bottom it's a failure in the addressing system. If that is the case, it is irritating, I'm sure, but it should not spread unless the screen is subjected to physical damage. I doubt that the issue could be fixed -- you're probably looking at either dealing with the distraction or having the panel replaced, and for most laptops, the costs of a replacement panel and the labor are so high that users simply buy new computers.You're probably looking at spending 75% of what you paid for the system to have the screen replaced. Sorry for the bad news...

  • 9 years ago

    It sounds like some damage has happened to your monitor if these lines don't go away even when the computer is restarting. What can happen to a monitor is called dead pixels, this is basically when parts of your screen die and they will appear as coloured lines.

    However you can do a quick test just to make sure that it isn't your graphics card. To do this plug your monitor into another computer and see if the lines still appear. If the line don't appear when it is used with the new computer then it is likely that you need a new graphics card. If the line appears anyways then its defiantly your monitor.

    Hope this helps

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