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Eminem vs mariah carey ?

I heard this song today .. the warning by eminem . WOW . Anyways I think the reason she has kept quite was she knew he's telling the truth because if he's not she would call his bluff and ask him to release all that he has which would be nothing and he would be done . But the games different and eminem knows it . I think she know that if she makes another song even mentioning eminem shes done for it and if she keeps quite people just might take her for being mature and forget about it ..

what do you think ?


Mariah was mature ? she dressed like the guy for god sakes . And em just messes with everyone its hes style and she shoudlve known better to keep her mouth shut ... and if eminem doesnt have any videos or pics then why isnt mariah making a new song telling him to post them ?

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    I love Eminem, I'm on his side on this one. She's the immature one, she started the whole thing by writing Obsessed & doing that music video. She's what, 40? She needs to just settle down and take it like a grown woman. :\ Sorry if I offended any Mariah Carey fans.

    EDIT: Another thing, why would he just randomly say they slept together anyways? I mean he never has said he liked her, I would be a bit more suspicious if it was like, Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears, because he has said he likes those two. I mean Mariah isn't the prettiest girl out there... I don't think he'd just out of the blue tell the world he was with her and it be a lie.

    @ CJ

    No, I'm actually 30+. I've been a fan of Eminem's for a very long time.

    @ shayan

    I agree completely. Throughout the whole video she looked more obsessed with herself than anything.


    Yes, you are in fact correct. But the whole thing mainly went down once Mariah wrote Obsessed, a FULL song about Eminem. Eminem mentioned her BRIEFLY in Superman, so that doesn't exactly count. Yes, Eminem is 37, theres not a big difference in 37-40, but, as shayan said, Mariah acted a bit more immature than him, she dressed up as him, she blew the whole thing up. Yes, "Obsessed" was much more successful than "The Warning" was, but that doesn't exactly matter.

    @ CJ

    You may believe what you believe. I really couldn't care less, as for your on the other side of the computer anyways. I don't see how I could be a troll, or how I could lie about my age like that, but alright.

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    I am definitely and will always be for my baby Eminem... I use to be a fan of Mariah. Over the years though she's become very different , stuck up like, trying to be act too young she just got annoying. I can't stand Nick cannon he's such a little punk it ain't even funny. what started it off was em made a comment about mariahin one of his songs among many many other people , its what he does everybody knows that! So lame a** Nick Cannon had to go and say somethin about tryin to act like some big man please little boy sit down he don't Even know. So now they come out with Obsessed and expect Em not to fire back ..Are they that stupid!!! EM will kill'em every time ..they should of known better!

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    Watch this all the way to the end where she talks about "someone who has an agenda and lies to the world" and decide for yourself if she's lying.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I can't find the other video of eminem but in there, the interviewer asked him whether he had sex with Mariah and he was like "yes, yes I did" while looking at the ground the whole time..he can't even look in the face of the interviewer.. a sign that he's lying.

    Source(s): Eminem is a liar. Don't just base your opinion on his lyrics.
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    @"I love Eminem"

    You're what? Like 15? Yeah you're obviously a kid and life started the day you become a teen. That's how SOME teens are (notice I didn't say ALL teens, so all you teens that get all bent out of shape, relax). SOME teens think life starts the day they become teens, and nothing existed before then. They have a very sheltered outlook on life, and a very narrow view on history. You think Mariah started it with Obsessed? Obsessed came out in 2009, last year. This beef has been going since I was a teen, for like 8 or 9 years now. Eminem's song Superman is what started it all, and that came out in 2002, 7 years before Obsessed came out. Then he made "When the Music Stops" which also dissed her. It's time you face the music and see that Eminem is the first one who put it on wax, and he kept at it until she responded. So it's only appropriate that she titled her song "Obsessed". As far as he being 40, Eminem is 37, so not much of a stretch there.

    You're either a troll or a liar. You aren't 30 and you haven't been a fan of his for very long.

    Source(s): I'm a fan of both of them, but Mariah has been much more mature about it.
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    Mariah Carey is classy. Eminem is a drama queen. You're wrong to say he messes with everyone, he only messes with easy targets like making fun of the dead (Sonny Bono), laughing at people with diseases (Michael J Fox), mocking the crippled (Christopher Reeves), and picking fights with pop divas and teenie bopper rappers like Ja Rule. The only time he ever dissed a person who could actually diss back was Canibus, and after Canibus responded, he didn't say another word about it and acted like it never happened and went back to picking on easy targets lol, because he knows someone like Canibus would tear him up in a serious battle. Eminem is the bully of rap, picking on weaker targets, and he'll say anything to sell an album. There's no integrity or honor there.

    If his whole career was like the songs he did on 8 mile, he'd be respected by the hip hop community. But he knows the hip hop community rejects him for abusing his talents on garbage like he does, and that's why he writes soap operas for the teenie boppers now and doing collaborations with pop divas like Rihanna and Pink lol. Eminem is washed up, he should have kept that 2pac fire in him that first inspired him, and kept his content on being an underdog or an outcast. Instead he let the fire dim out and continues to misuse his talents.

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    Did u hear Nick Cannon's diss to Eminem....Pretty Lame

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    Mariah carey doesn't have time for his childish games! He is obssessed with her, just like she said!

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    eminem is more mature and has better music than slutriah carey. no talent hag.

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    MARIAH CAREY IS A LEGEND .. feminem is jealous cuz he couldnt hit it.

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